A photo of Sarb Akal ICMF 2019 Artists and Team members

Sarb Akal Music Society of Calgary

SAMS was founded in 2014 and upholds and educates Indian Classical Music in Calgary. They also created the Indian Classical Music Festival in 2016.

A photo of Globe Cinema exterior at night

Globe Cinema

Globe Cinema is an independent arthouse cinema located on 6th street and 8th avenue. They showcase local, foreign, arthouse and independent films.

Two people over look a town in Mexico

Studio Vazquez-Mackay

Studio Vazquez-Mackay creates 2D visual art, leads community public art /projects, and provides educational art programs in Calgary and Mexico.

A group of videographers from Vek Labs in front of the Simmons Building in East Village Calgary

Vek Labs

Vek Labs is comprised of a team of videographers, editors and creatives working on productions that inspire them.