An image of Ella Charette

Ella Charette

Ella Charette is an international artist and art teacher who focuses on both impressionism and contemporary abstractionism.

An illustration of a woman in traditional African dress

Marvit Ahanonu

Marvit Ahanonu is a Calgary based artist, designer and architect in masters training.

An image of an audience in front of an orchestra

Polaris Centre for the Performing Arts

The Polaris Centre for Performing Arts is a 205 seat concert hall that hosts the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra and also offers up various rooms available for rent.

A promo photo of Wakefield Brewster

Wakefield Brewster

Wakefield Brewster is Calgary’s sixth and Poet Laureate. Brewster seeks to promote new and healing narrative through the visceral and engaging, vindicating and educating powers of poetry.

An image of a puzzle

StumpCraft Puzzles

StumpCraft is a jigsaw puzzle workshop based out of Calgary, Alberta, locally crafting laser-cut, heirloom quality puzzles showcasing the best of Canadian fine art.

An image of Patricia Peixoto

Patricia Peixoto

Patricia Peixoto discovered photography in 2016. In her native Brazil she worked as a portrait photographer, but finds that here in Canada, natural landscapes are her favourite subject.

An image of Kyle Marks Project

Kyle Marks Projects

Artists Jeff Bray and Dallas Seitz aspire to bring a new platform to view art in spaces not normally seen as art spaces.