Cary Lam artist in action

Cary Lam

Cary’s passion for circus arts started in 2006 and she continues to hone her aerial craft as an instructor, performer and blog writer.

Sarabeth Carnat artist image

Sarabeth Carnat

Sarabeth Carnat was born in Calgary & her family has a long and detailed history of community activity & participation in this city. She studied in Canada, Israel & the U.S. Her fifty-year span in the field of Jewellery and Metals includes over thirty years of teaching and committed contribution to the Alberta College of Art + Design. Sarabeth retired …

Bryan J McLean artist image

Bryan J. McLean

Bryan J. McLean is a multidisciplinary media artist, oil and mixed media painter, poet, author, and musician.

Lanre Ajayi artist headshot

Lanre Ajayi

A passionate storyteller who uses different mediums and styles, Lanre is an immigrant from Nigeria calling Calgary home. He is a multi-talented abstract expressionist who loves colours.

Artwork by Rory Daniels

Rory Daniels

Rory creates what has to be created without a style or a preference. He believes that art is everything and everywhere and that there is no good or bad art but only what you perceive.

A photo of Brandon Trotter

Brandon Trotter

Brandon Trotter is arts chaplain, specializing in the emotional and spiritual health of artists in Calgary.