make do and mend tea set by Evelyn Grant

Evelyn Grant

Evelyn Grant designs and makes one of a kind and limited edition ceramic pieces for the home. She primarily works in porcelain with glaze decoration or surface pattern/print work.

Image of fibre art and textile by Judy Sysak

Judy Sysak

Judy Sysak is a fibre artist specializing in handspun, hand-dyed fleece and also her own handwoven textiles.

Pari Chehrehsa fashion design

Pari Chehrehsa

Pari Chehrehsa is a fashion designer, textile artist, illustrator, painter, and an art & design teacher.

Calum Lykan artist image

Calum Lykan

Calum Lykan is a professional Scottish Storyteller offering a variety of performances, mentoring, workshops and public speaking.

Jennifer Briggs aerial hoop

Jennifer Briggs

Jennifer is a performing artist and circus artist, specializing in aerial Lyra, dance and hula hooping.

Cary Lam artist in action

Cary Lam

Cary’s passion for circus arts started in 2006 and she continues to hone her aerial craft as an instructor, performer and blog writer.

Sarabeth Carnat artist image

Sarabeth Carnat

Sarahbeth has more than fifty years in the field of Jewellery and Metals. She likes to explore extreme ranges of scale in her work to address beauty, comfort, colour and relationships.

Bryan J McLean artist image

Bryan J. McLean

Bryan J. McLean is a multidisciplinary media artist, oil and mixed media painter, poet, author, and musician.