The Francophile and Francophone Center in Alberta

La Cité des Rocheuses

La Cité des Rocheuses presents artistic, cultural, and community-based programs in French corresponding to the needs of the Francophone community of greater Calgary.

Image of Magnolia Banquet Hall venue

Magnolia Banquet Hall

Magnolia Banquet Hall is more than just a venue for your events. They are dedicated to creating unforgettable memories with their phenomenal service.

Visual art piece by 8ROJO


8ROJO is an award-winning Canadian visual performance ensemble. The group has developed a unique style with its interdisciplinary performances for intimate spaces, which combine imaginative artistry and innovative creations. The ensemble, based in Calgary, Alberta, devises integrative presentations of images in motion, which themes strive to cultivate meaningful dialogue between audience and performer through visuals. 8ROJO focuses on creating living …