A a sketch/drawing by Jill M. Armstrong

Jill M. Armstrong

Jill.M. Armstrong is a multidisciplinary artist and writer whose practice is about chasing and constructing the poetic image in whatever medium is appropriate.

A photo Gisèle Villeneuve at the Calgary International Spoken Word Festival

Gisèle Villeneuve

Gisèle Villeneuve is a Calgary-based writer working in multiple genres. She is a novelist, short story writer, poet, and translator, she delights in alternating freely between French and English.

An image of artwork by Lynnie Wonfor titled "Half way to Windtower"

Lynnie Wonfor

Lynnie Wonfor does whimsical drawings and paintings in acrylic, watercolour, inks, and graphite as well as metal, wood, and concrete.

A photo of Marc Watson

Marc Watson

Marc Watson is Calgary-based author of genre fiction, primarily fantasy and sci-fi, as well as dark humour. He has multiple published books as well as short stories.

A photo of Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor is a practicing dramaturg, working in both production dramaturgy and consulting directly with playwrights.

A photo of Jason Mehmel

Jason Mehmel

Jason Mehmel is a writer and theatre artist working in Calgary. His preferred artistic method is collaboration, as seen in his work as a theatre director and comic book writer.

A photo of Nikki Reimer

Nikki Reimer

Nikki Reimer is a poet, essayist, critic, artist. Their work has appeared on stages, billboards, public art exhibits, pop-up bistro menus, magazines, journals and anthologies.