Garrity Beales artist image

Garrity Beales

Garrity Beales is a fiction writer, poet and artist. She adores typography and has dabbled in illustration, graphic design and lettering. She paints in acrylic and watercolour mediums.

Susan Calder author headshot

Susan Calder

Susan Calder is the author of 3 novels, numerous short stories, nonfiction articles and poems. She teaches creative writing, gives literary readings and speeches.

Axel Howerton author headshot

Axel Howerton

Axel Howerton is a former entertainment journalist and an Arthur Ellis Award-nominated author. He is also a published poet, short story author, essayist, and more.

Suzy Vadori author image

Suzy Vadori

Calgary bestselling author Suzy Vadori writes books for Young Adults. Her award-winning series The Fountain Series has been twice nominated for an Aurora Award.

Lucas K. Law headshot

Lucas K. Law

Lucas is an award-winning editor and publisher at Laksa Media Groups Inc. who looks for opportunities to partner and develop with various communities to establish a culture of doing social good.

Robert Bose author image

Robert Bose

Robert’s genre-spanning fiction has been published in a variety of anthologies and his first short story collection, Fishing with the Devil, is now available.

Carol Parchewsky with two people in costumes

Carol Parchewsky

Carol’s writing interests span fiction, children and young adult fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction. She is active in the Alberta writing community.