An image of Val Lieske in a plaid shirt

Val Lieske

Val is a playwright, educator, performer, and spoken word artist. She is the founder and artistic director of Fire Exit Theatre and associate director of Ambrose Arts with Ambrose University.

Black and white image of Hamlet the Clown

Hamlet the Clown

Need a clown for a birthday or to amuse crowds at the fair-grounds or trade fair? Walk-about is Hamlet the Clown’s forté.

An image of Charlotte Nixon

Charlotte Nixon

Charlotte Nixon’s love of teenage drama inspires her to write plays for today’s modern adolescent.

A photo of a person wearing a tiger mask taken by Tim Nguyen

Val Duncan

Val Duncan is a performing artist in Calgary since 2008 with a strong interest in physical theatre, experimental, immersive and devised practices.

A black and white photo of Vanessa Porteous

Vanessa Porteous

Vanessa Porteous is a stage director in theatre and opera, a dramaturg, a teacher, and an arts administrator.

A photo of James Hutchison

James Hutchison

James Hutchison is a playwright focused on comedy, romance, and mystery. James has written several one-act and full-length plays.

A photo of Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor is a practicing dramaturg, working in both production dramaturgy and consulting directly with playwrights.

A photo of Jason Mehmel

Jason Mehmel

Jason Mehmel is a writer and theatre artist working in Calgary. His preferred artistic method is collaboration, as seen in his work as a theatre director and comic book writer.