A photo of a person wearing a tiger mask taken by Tim Nguyen

Val Duncan

Val Duncan is a performing artist in Calgary since 2008 with a strong interest in physical theatre, experimental, immersive and devised practices.

A black and white photo of Vanessa Porteous

Vanessa Porteous

Vanessa Porteous is a stage director in theatre and opera, a dramaturg, a teacher, and an arts administrator.

A photo of James Hutchison

James Hutchison

James Hutchison is a playwright focused on comedy, romance, and mystery. James has written several one-act and full-length plays.

A photo of Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor is a practicing dramaturg, working in both production dramaturgy and consulting directly with playwrights.

A photo of Jason Mehmel

Jason Mehmel

Jason Mehmel is a writer and theatre artist working in Calgary. His preferred artistic method is collaboration, as seen in his work as a theatre director and comic book writer.

Digital art by Matthew Waddell

Matthew Waddell

Matthew Waddell is a digital artist and educator specializing in projection mapping, 3D animation and interactive media experiences.

Photo of Kevin Jesuino

Kevin Jesuino

Kevin Jesuino is a Portuguese-Canadian Queer devised theatre-maker and social art practitioner.