Teri Petz artist headshot

Teri Petz

Teri Petz is a photographer and videographer with an interest in poetry and theatre.

Wunmi Idowu Artist Image

Wunmi Idowu

Wunmi Idowu began performing traditional African dance styles at the age of 3 in Lagos, Nigeria. She is an accomplished dancer, choreographer, instructor, and director of Woezo Africa.

Scott Stonechild artist image

Scott Stonechild-b.a.

Scott Stonechild has been a practising visual artist for 30 years in western Canada on various mediums on various scale sizes.

A group of performers from Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre

Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre

Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre creates productive discomfort, engaging with power structures and shining an interrogating light in society’s eyes.

Kunji Mark Ikeda Artist Headshot

Kunji Mark Ikeda

Kunji Mark Ikeda is the Artistic Director of Cloudsway Dance Theatre and was a founding ensemble member of Making Treaty 7 and DSW’s Dance Action Group.

A photo of Ellen Close

Ellen Close

Ellen Close is a theatre performer, playwright, director, educator, and consultant.

A photo of Denis Dufresne

Denis Dufresne

Denis Dufresne is a volinist, fiddler, guitarist, mandolinist, singer, songwriter, and actor.