Kunji Mark Ikeda Artist Headshot

Kunji Mark Ikeda

Kunji Mark Ikeda is the Artistic Director of Cloudsway Dance Theatre and was a founding ensemble member of Making Treaty 7 and DSW’s Dance Action Group.

A photo of Ellen Close

Ellen Close

Ellen Close is a theatre performer, playwright, director, educator, and consultant.

A photo of Denis Dufresne

Denis Dufresne

Denis Dufresne is a volinist, fiddler, guitarist, mandolinist, singer, songwriter, and actor.

A photo of Chris Denholm

Chris Denholm

Chris Denholm is a francophone dramatist, performer, poet, screenwriter, and emerging filmmaker.

A photo of Brett Dahl

Brett Dahl

Brett Dahl is a Calgary born/based queer performer, theatre educator, and writer.