Theatre Calgary venue

Theatre Calgary

Theatre Calgary is southern Alberta’s largest and longest-running professional theatre aiming to stand amongst the best globally as a leader in innovative, impactful and diverse programming.

Kids wearing paper dragon costume

Trickster Theatre

Trickster Theatre is a non-profit arts organization and registered charity that supports schools & communities in using theatre to explore the world around them.

woman celebrates with confetti

Inside Out Theatre

Inside Out Theatre is a disability theatre company in Calgary, Alberta equally invested in artistic excellence, community development, and deepening our culture’s accessibility.

Woman stands in front of tent on production by Sage Theatre

Sage Theatre

Sage Theatre’s productions take audiences on an intimate theatrical journey that challenges preconceptions of self and society.

Children performing live

Quest Theatre

Quest Theatre creates intelligent and whimsical theatre that encourages young people to explore who they are, discover what’s important, and build the kind of world they want to live in.

Image of Pumphouse Theatre in Calgary with logo

Pumphouse Theatre

The Pumphouse Theatre is a vibrant facility with historical significance supporting and presenting all art forms.

Puppet hanging on Christmas tree

WP Puppet Theatre

WP Puppet Theatre believes puppets have a special role in art. Their puppetry infused learning opportunities and performances inspire audiences and participants.