A pomo image for Annie Bhatti

Annie Bhatti

Annie Bhatti is an artist and graphic designer passionate about transforming ideas into visually captivating creations, with a keen eye for detail and a flair for creativity.

An image of Honey Jalali

Honey Jalali

Honey Jalali is an Iranian contemporary activist and artist that works in installation, digital and acrylic painting, poetry, collage, and photography.

An image of Cassie Holmes

Cassie Holmes

Cassie is a theatre artist, designer, creator and collaborator whose research primarily focuses on accessibility in live performance and lighting diverse skin tones.

Image of abstract artwork by Grrace


Grrace utilizes the science of colour (colour psychology) to create one-of-a-kind works of art, focusing on the alignment between spacial intention and desired personal health affects.

A promo image for Slugger Studio

Slugger Studio

Chris Pecora and Cam Hoff together are Slugger — an award-winning graphic design studio based in Calgary with over 40 years of experience as illustrators and muralists.

Image of Meenakshi Girdhar

Meenakshi Girdhar

Meenakshi Girdhar’s interacts with nature using multiple senses. Her paintings celebrate colour, form and texture and meditate on the relationship between light, shadow and atmosphere.

Image of Cassie Suche painting a mural

Cassie Suche

Cassandra (Cassie) Suche’s work is distinguishable for its delicate balance of structure and spontaneity, expressed through a visual language of linear and modular forms.

An image of Maryjo Major

Maryjo Major

Maryjo Major is a Calgary-based painter who works primarily with acrylic paint as her medium of choice.

A promo image for Susan Hull

Susan Hull

Susan Hull’s is a painter whose works are full of energy and movement and includes representational work, landscapes, and abstracts.