Kim's painting of indigenous man with text that says UNITY and CROWCHILD


Kim’s artistic practice involves oil painting and mixed media paintings which are realistic in nature. She likes to paint portraits but often gives them a pop art interpretation.

Margot van Lindenberg artist headshot

Margot van Lindenberg

Margot van Lindenberg is a Calgary based visual artist. Her studio produces silk scarves, home accessories, utility textiles and fibre-based art.

Image of artwork by Anders Knudsen

Anders Knudsen

Danish-Canadian artist Anders Knudsen has been a major player in Calgary’s magazine design scene since the early 1990s.

Artist Carolyn Jerrard sits in front of some of her artwork

Carolyn Jerrard

Carolyn Jerrard is an abstract painter using acrylics, structural mediums and various methods to move and manipulate paint.

Silvia Temis Portrait

Silvia Temis

Silvia Temis is based in Calgary, Alberta, and is the lead singer of a quartet Notas de 4 where she fuses Latin jazz, Cuban and Flamenco rhythms.

Artwork by Rory Daniels

Rory Daniels

Rory creates what has to be created without a style or a preference. He believes that art is everything and everywhere and that there is no good or bad art but only what you perceive.

Image of black and white artwork of a woman with a sunflower in her hair

Lida Sogharti

Lida Sogharti is a seasoned professional artist with over 16 years of experience. She focuses on hyper-realistic drawings using charcoal and pencil.

Samantha Washington's artwork of black bird

Samantha Washington

Samantha Washington is a Canadian artist and illustrator who works in graphite and pursues technical realism in order to manipulate it.