An image of abstract artwork by Peter Ivens

Peter Ivens

Peter Ivens’s work is built without agenda and with a free response to the materials. To be inside the painting; to be organic in approach and to be present in the creation.

Image of Artwork by Lori Clipperton titled Down Under VI

Lori Clipperton

Since graduating from the University of Calgary in 2014 Lori has been creating art and teaching art out of her home studio. She works primarily with acrylics, alcohol ink and mixed media.

A photo of artwork of a bird by Terra Simieritsch

Terra Simieritsch

Terra Simieritsch has a seasonal approach. In the summer she can be found outdoors and the winter, she spends time in the studio creating eclectic mixed media pieces.

An of a painting of an orangutan by Sheila Lee

Sheila Lee

Sheila Lee an artist that expresses herself through the use of colour in artwork. She uses canvas and acrylic paint to capture life, objects and moments through her brush strokes.

Calligraphy that says "The only way to bring true magic into your life is to start believing in it"

Thea Lynn Paul

Thea’s predominant passion is hand-lettering. She is a member of the Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild and loves to incorporate calligraphy into her artwork.

An image of a woman in an apron

Susan Fae Haglund

Susan Haglund’s fiber art includes materials; fabric, thread, paper, and found objects such as cutlery. Most of her work has a bird theme—she is inspired by nature and animals.

Bee by Jamie Gray

Jamie Gray

Jamie Gray’s focus is on sculptural and kiln-formed glass of a narrative nature, with current work centred on identity, roots pilgrimages, and the ways in which we view our identities through our mortalities.

Artwork by Violet Costello

Violet Costello

Most of Violet Costello’s career has been devoted to installations that blur the lines between painting and sculpture, populating gallery spaces with colourful figurative components.

An image of Heddal Stave Church fibre art by Donna Clement

Donna Clement

Donna Clement enjoys the play of light, the layers of colours, the juxtaposition of combining different tactile fibres and strives to always present a visual feast for the viewer.