A photo from 2017's production of Dance Montage

Dance Montage

An audience favourite now into its 49th production, this year’s program welcomes the spirit of community through dance and serves as an opportunity for artists to meet, create, and learn about each other’s work.

A poster for Corps Bara Dance Theatre's production of Facing the Light

Facing the Light

A fully immersive and collaborative evening of visual art, dance, and artisan creations centred around exploring the intersection of darkness and light, join Corps Bara Dance Theatre for Facing the Light.

A black and white photo of a dancer's curved back


A rhythmic pattern of words using meter to create emotion, Trip the Light Dance Company explores and generates movement inspired by iambic or iambic pentameter poetry.

A postcard for Chotto Desh

Chotto Desh

Fusing dance, storytelling, interactive animation, and specially composed music, Chotto Desh is a bewitching, family-friendly tale of a young man’s dreams and memories from Britain to Bangladesh.

Poster for Kyrsten Blair and Tina Guthrie's Breathe


Interruption to the flow of breath produces physical, emotional, and psychological responses, see choreographers Kyrsten Blair and Tina Guthriee lead five dancers in this new dance theatre performance.

A photo of a flamenco dancer

Flamenco at The Lantern

Flamenco connects the song in your heart to the strum of the guitar, the beat of the dancer’s step, the lyric of the singer’s canto. Join Flamenco Nada Mas for an evening of song, music, and dance.

A body looks into an illuminated sketch of cSPACE King Edward

Body in Space: An Art Party

Transforming the space into a vibrating hive mind of floating bodies, rigorous discomforts, and fearless ideas, see what happens when the Fluid Fest and Swallow-a-Bicycle get together for an art party.

A ballerina lays in a filed of flowers in front of a mountain landscape

The Sleeping Beauty

A brand-new spin on this timeless classic with a decidedly western Canadian sensibility, experience the world premiere production of Christopher Anderson’s The Sleeping Beauty with Alberta Ballet.

A promotional image from Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal's Dance Me

Dance Me

Merging Canadian dance and musical talent, Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal honours one of Canada’s most influential literary and musical giants, Leonard Cohen. Don’t miss this Alberta premiere.