A black and white picture from the 1970s of a man and a woman.

I Called Him Morgan

On a snowy, New York City night, celebrated jazz musician Lee Morgan was shot dead by his wife Helen during a club gig. Join Doc Soup for the fourth film in its season.

Image - India in a Day

Hidden Gems Doubleheader

Returning from India with two hot new releases, Hidden Gems Film Festival kicks off 2017 with this powerful double screening of Daughters of Mother India and India in a Day.

A black and white image of a man wearing sunglasses behind a large movie camera.

Masters: Wim Wenders

One of the leading figures of New German Cinema, Wim Wenders’ first two decades of work concentrates on the themes of time, roadways, Americana, and ghosts of cinema past.


After the Storm

The latest film from Japanese master Hirokazu Kore-eda, After the Storm is a mature exploration of family dynamics and depicts how individual family members cope after a divorce.


Zero Days

Stuxnet, a self-replicating computer malware that the U.S. and Israel unleashed to destroy a key part of an Iranian nuclear facility, has ultimately spread beyond its intended target. No, this isn’t a sci-fi film.


Christmas in July

‘Tis the season for shopping and merriment, and you can celebrate with Calgary Cinematheque at its annual holiday interlude screening—this year features 1940’s Christmas in July.


Mr. Gaga

The fascinating story of Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin, an artistic genius who redefined the language of modern dance, film and dance fans alike won’t want to miss this upcoming screening.


Spotlight: Tilda Swinton

A staple resident in the small community of paragon performers, join Calgary Cinematheque as it shines the spotlight on the enigmatic and incomparable, Tilda Swinton.


Kaili Blues

Did you know all but two of the actors in Bi Gan’s Kaili Blues are amateurs? Marking his first narrative film, join Calgary Cinematheque for this rare screening, part of its series on contemporary world cinema.