Power in Pictures

It might still be considered unconventional, but when reaching youth a graphic novel can be empowering as any other art form. It is, after all, a great way to embrace storytelling.

ACAD's Show Off 2016

ACAD Show Off 2016

This annual juried exhibition showcases art and design work from across Alberta and has been inspiring students to consider pursuing an arts education for seven years.

A bird nest sculpture in an art gallery

JC: A Year in Review

If you’ve never been to an In-Definite Arts (IDAS) exhibition, now is the perfect time to do so! Its latest group exhibition features submissions entered into the 2016 In-House ‘Jane Cameron’ Competition.

A dark painting with shades of black, grey and white

Exhibitions June 2016

Every month there are dozens of shows, exhibitions and receptions in Calgary that feature amazing work from all kinds of artists. Many are free and all are worth checking out.


Spring/Summer 2016

Esker Foundation stuns with three powerful exhibitions including 168:01, Real failure needs no excuse, and Those lacking imagination take refuge in reality.

A preserved, bionic bee

Ideal Bounds

A wry, dystopian show, Ruth Marsh displays preserved, bionic bees under bell jars throughout The New Gallery’s main space. Like a natural history museum with a oddly haunting twist.

Painting of a man next to a big rig truck

JUNO Tour of Canadian Art

Glenbow, known for its vast collection of historical artefacts and visual art, is getting into the Year of Music spirit with this show featuring works chosen by JUNO Award-winners and nominees.