Improv players in their pjs.
Join the The Kinkonauts as they host the 26-Hour Improv Marathon | Image: Courtesy of The Kinkonauts

The 26-Hour Improv Marathon

Support The Kinkonauts and see a different show every hour

Amy Jo Espetveidt

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Humans fear many things and for many that includes performing for a live audience. But what if you had to do it for as many hours as there are miles in a marathon?

Go down the sleep-deprived rabbit hole as The Kinkonauts present a different show every hour as part of their 26-Hour Improv Marathon.

With 26 sleepless hours of live performance, this comedic descent into sleep-deprived hilarity will be free to view for any audience member but the heavily-caffeinated performers will seek sponsorship for each hour of the marathon. Stay a little, stay all night, the choice is yours.

The 26-Hour Improv Marathon runs non-stop from 8:00pm on February 10 to 10:00pm on February 11, 2017 at the Kinkonauts Lab (112 16th Ave NW). To sponsor The Kinkonauts head to