A man stands on a building ledge and neighbours go about their business in the windows
Sour Dog Theatre presents 7 Stories | Photo: Courtesy of Sour Dog Theatre

7 Stories

Get to know Sour Dog Theatre with this black comedy

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If you’ve never heard of Sour Dog Theatre before, don’t worry. It’s a great time to get to know this emerging theatre company with its current show, 7 Stories—a black comedy about a man on a ledge and the insanity of the neighbours intruding on his space, takes comedy to new heights.

The show is helmed by Ali Froggatt and Melia Wylie, and directed by well-known Loose Moose Theatre regular Shawn Kinley—a whole new challenge for the performer versed in physical theatre.

“I am excited to work with a genius like Shawn,” says Froggatt in a statement. “He has a playful and honest approach to theatre and I wanted to give my colleagues the opportunity to work with him.”

The show features a tight knit cast including Froggatt, Simon Tottrup, Evan May, Sarah Ferguson, Robyn Ord, Quinn Contini, Danik McAfee, Lauren Mayer, Lucia Forward  and Melia Wylie.

7 Stories runs June 14 to 23, 2016 at Loose Moose Theatre (1235 26th Ave. SE). Tickets are available at sourdog.ca.