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A still from Kandis Friesen’s exhibition Tape 158: New Documents From The Archives

Extended Indefinitely

An extension of Kandis Friesen’s postponed exhibition in storage, two video works are hosted in continuous loops; one consists of rhythmic text, the other a tableau vivant of an ancient oak tree in Ukraine. This exhibition in absentia becomes the new exhibition space for an indefinite extension of time.

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Location: Stream OnlineFree
Screenshot from Untunnelling Vision interactive tour

Untunnelling Vision

Join TRUCK and Mountain Standard Time online to experience a series of installations by artist Jin-me Yoon. Untunnelling Vision is the culmination of site-specific research in combination with an artistic practice focused on the entanglements of militarism, tourism, and colonialism. Be sure to explore this interactive tour.

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Location: Online Viewing RoomFree
A graphic for Home/Work: Creating Connections

Home/Work: Creating Connections

Starting as a thematic art challenge, the intent of this first ever virtual Contextural member exhibition was to keep members connected, engaged, and creative during the summer months. Members were asked to create an 8″ x 8″ work using any materials they had at hand.

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Location: Online Viewing RoomFree
A graphic for a Wonder Wednesdays #AtHomeWithKardia

Wonder Wednesdays

#AtHomeWithKardia is a series of Instagram Live shows and sessions, and Wonder Wednesday showcases one audible artist with one visual artist simultaneously each week. The artists are carefully curated to complement each other, and every week offers exceptional talent and makes for a great, free online show!

Showtime: 9:00pm – 9:30pm
Location: Instagram LiveFree
School children exploring the Leighton Art Centre, captured by Leighton Centre Staff

Made For This Place: The Leighton Legacy

An exhibition that explores the lives and art of prominent Alberta artists A.C. Leighton and Barbara Leighton, this story offers a unique insight into the rich artistic history of Southern Alberta through the Leighton Art Centre’s stories of adventure, creation, and community-building.

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Location: OnlineFree
A digital tour of Electric Vice by Kyle Simmers

Virtual Art Exhibitions

In order to continue to share the work of artists exhibiting in the galleries of Arts Commons, a new virtual gallery platform has been launched that allows visitors to ‘walk’ the halls of Arts Commons and enjoy the art displayed there. The current exhibitions are available for viewing until spring 2021 so check it out.

See website for details
Location: Online Viewing RoomFree
A piece in I Lost the Keys to Apartment 302 by RAZA

I Lost the Keys to Apartment 302

The Immigrant Council for Arts Innovation (ICAI) and The Bows presents works by RAZA, a newborn multi-medium art collective formed by South American artists Valentina and Laura Caraballo who seek to further their understandings of the self and world through art.

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Location: Online Viewing RoomFree
Community Storytellers graphic

Community Storytellers

The National Music Centre launches the online version of Community Storytellers, a new temporary exhibition that honours the music stories of the Alberta community, highlighting eight different community stories, of the more than 30 narratives included in the upcoming onsite exhibit. Be sure to check it out.

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Location: Online Viewing RoomFree
Deatil from The Garden, courtesy of Yvonne Kustec

The Garden

Yvonne Kustec’s work sees a human figure transform into a dense landscape, overrun by flora and fauna. The body becomes the substrate from which the elements of nature grow, drawing out nutrients and impurities that have accumulated and concentrated over the course of life.

A poster for Of a Certain Age at the Leighton Art Centre

Of a Certain Age

The paintings and personal images created for the Leighton Centre’s latest exhibition mirror what artists Jean Pederson and Cindy Bouwers have gained by reaching a certain age. They have richness and depth, complexity, layers, and consider both the dark and the light. See it online and check out the opening reception on March 12.

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Location: Online Viewing RoomFree
A poster for Coexistence at the Leighton Art Centre


The Leighton Centre presents Terra Simieritsch’s Coexistence, an exhibit which challenges the viewer to reflect upon their own stereotypes and prejudices around common wildlife species that humans often come into conflict with, and dig deeper into where those notions came from. Explore it online this spring.

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Location: Online Viewing RoomFree
A piece in Jason Deary's latest exhibition, Three Legged Dog

Three Legged Dog

Jason Deary’s latest exhibition is inspired by a personal story, with a three-legged dog being a metaphor for Alzheimer’s. The three-legged dog doesn’t know there to be anything wrong with itself, and quickly moves on with his new reality. Book your visit and check it out at VIVIANEART.

Showtimes Vary
Location: VIVIANEART (1018 9th Ave. SE)Free
Barrhead Supersonic on display at the Jarvis Hall Gallery

Barrhead Supersonic

Saskatchewan artist Jeff Nachtigall’s work in Barrhead Supersonic reflects on an understanding of place informed by a cold prairie winter, an experience fed largely by Nachtigall’s return to his home province after an extended time away. See it online or book an in-person visit to check it out.

See website for gallery hours
Location: Jarvis Hall Gallery (333B 36th Ave. SE)Free
Janine Hall's This Way on display

up front

Janine Hall’s renderings in charcoal and oil focus on the storm as a representation of turmoil and the human struggle between power and revolution. Hall integrates the spirituality she experiences during the creative process with imagery of the raw force of nature. See it online or in-person!

See website for gallery hours
Location: Jarvis Hall Gallery (333B 36th Ave. SE)Free
A graphic for Continuum at the Ruberto Ostberg Gallery


Ruberto Ostberg Gallery’s exhibition showcases sculptures by Joanne MacDonald. Continuum visually explores the evolution and progression in the artist’s life through her artwork. Pieces over the years are examples of gradual growth, change, and stages along this venture.

See website for gallery hours
Location: Ruberto Ostberg Gallery (2108 18th St. NW)Free
A piece from each Steve Mennie and Amy Modahl, as seen in The View from Here and There

The View From Here and There

Wallace Galleries’ latest exhibition features work by Steve Mennie and Amy Modahl. Modahl’s newest works focus on form and colour, while Mennie likes to play in reality and abstraction, playing off of and influencing one another. Book your visit.

See website for details
Location: Wallace Galleries (500 5th Ave. SW)Free
Electric Light - A Retrospective on display at Herringer Kiss Gallery

Electric Light

Dennis Ekstedt’s paintings depict the dramatic and ethereal luminosity of electric light found in illuminated interiors, landscapes, and architectures. He does this through layered compositions of lights and luminous forms that are both figurative and abstract. Explore it in person or online.

See website for details
Location: Herringer Kiss Gallery (101, 1615 10th Ave. SW)Free
An illustration of a building with columns that says "Museum" at the top

MHST 533 Student Presentations

Students registered in the Museum and Heritage Studies 533 practicum discuss their experiences working in local museums. This term, students are involved in projects at the Calgary Public Library, Contemporary Calgary, the Military Museums, and the Calgary Stampede.

Showtime: 12:00pm
Location: Stream OnlineFree
A graphic with the words, "A world without art"


SpanicArts’ DesayunArte: A World Without Art features guest speakers Mera Reyes and Milena Vasquez sharing their perspectives about art as a form of therapy and ponder what would happen in a world without art. The event is free and takes place on Facebook so be sure to check it out and expand your horizons.

Showtime: 10:00am
Location: Stream OnlineFree


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