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Image of tour viewing a sculpture

Sculpture Park

At Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre, nature is their gallery. Their sculpture park celebrates the relationship between sculpture and nature. Visitors experience large, medium and small-scale outdoor sculptures and site-specific commissions under the open sky. Book a guided tour or drop by to explore at your own pace!

See website for gallery hours
Location: Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre (244034 Horizon View Rd.)Free - $25
Promo image for The Boxed Stories Gallery III

The Boxed Stories Gallery

This is a truly unique experience for artists and viewers alike! Housed within a vintage card catalogue, the library’s one-time answer to organizing a collection of books for readers to locate on a shelf, visitors will be encouraged to discover varied artworks as they open each drawer.

See website to book a viewing
Location: Loft 112 (535 8th Ave. SE)$5
Image of abstract artwork by Lotte Van den Audenaeren

hypertext / chances are bigger in the sun

Lotte Van den Audenaeren makes works that illuminate the material dimensions of time as it takes shape in patches of natural sunlight, transient sounds, swathes of fluorescent fabric, or decaying natural objects. Check out her work on the The Bows Billboard!

See website for gallery hours
Location: The Bows (2001B 10th Ave. SW)Free
Image of artwork from Exhibition View Loser by Amanda Boulos & Shannon Garden-Smith

View Loser

In View Loser, artists Amanda Boulos and Shannon Garden-Smith focus on built structure, initiating an intersectional conversation between the displacements that surround Palestinian land politics and housing justice. This conversation came together over several years of collaborative practice built on the artists’ shared themes of lack and loss.

See website for gallery hours
Location: The Bows (2001B 10th Ave. SW)Free
An image of artwork titled Engraving by Nura Ali

Black Wholes

Stride Gallery presents Nura Ali’s Black Wholes. Her new body of work thinks about the invisible systems that heighten our attention and focus. She considers how she can use language to pull those systems out of the shadows and expose them to the full light of day.

See website for gallery hours
Location: Stride Gallery (1006 Macleod Tr. SE)Free
A promo image for Clothesline Online Art Sale

Clothesline Online Art Sale

For the third year in a row, Leighton Art Centre brings an online version of this annual beloved event right to your couch or kitchen table! Shop unframed artworks created by some of their talented artists in a wide variety of mediums and styles.

Location: Explore OnlineFree
An image from exhibition At the Edge of Two Worlds

At the Edge of Two Worlds

Featuring virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D-printed sculptures, video, and more, Chun Hua Catherine Dong’s exhibition explores new digital possibilities for bridging gaps between memories and experiences whilst mediating culture and identity through the lens of gender and diaspora.

See website for gallery hours
Location: TRUCK Contemporary Art (2009 10th Ave. SW)Free
Image of hand resting on table with red background

Spooky Action at a Distance

Stephanie Deumer’s Spooky Action at a Distance is a video exploring the objectification of women. The work links AI assistants that personify female identities to a history of entertainment, mythology, labour, and technology that has consistently and progressively oppressed women through the dissolution of their bodies.

See website for gallery hours
Location: TRUCK Contemporary Art (2009 10th Ave. SW)Free
A promo image for Here to Tell: Faces of Holocaust Survivors at Glenbow

Here to Tell

Here to Tell: Faces of Holocaust Survivors is a commemorative and educational photography exhibition that shares authentic accounts of the Holocaust and post-war life as told by living and deceased Holocaust survivors with a connection to Calgary. An 18-panel Yad Vashem display and 30-minute behind-the-scenes documentary accompany the exhibition.

Image of Still from Telsa Toucher (video) by Chester Vincent Toye

What’s the Value of a Dollar?

This exhibition invites six artists and collectives to examine how profit-driven entities have historically exploited and dominated societies, communities, and bodies. Using video, installation, photography, and painting, the exhibition enfolds complex matrices to argue that North American economies flourish through marginalizing their own consumers and workforce.

See website for gallery hours
Location: The New Gallery (208 Centre St. SE)Free
An image from the In-tree-ging exhibition


Nancy-Lynne Hughes exhibits her phenomenal acrylic and watercolour paintings describing everything about trees and the places they inhabit. Hughes is intrigued by a place, the light, the air, the structure, the textures and the colours. She hopes to engage, fascinate and intrigue with her paintings.

See website for gallery hours
Location: Framed on Fifth (1207 5th Ave. NW)Free
A still from the teaser for the film Istotsi — The Land We Live On


Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society brought together eight artists to immerse themselves in creation inspired by the land we call Calgary. They wrote, listened, danced, and played together under the guidance of a cadre of veteran artists and Treaty 7 Knowledge Keepers to create this collage of short films.

See website for details
Location: Fort Calgary (750 9th Ave. SE)$5 - $15
Image of large woodcut print by Lisa Matthias

Field Notes II

Christine Klassen Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Edmonton-area artist and ecologist, Lisa Matthias. The show includes visually merges her two passions art and ecology featuring her latest prints of oversized botanical studies of the little-known microscopic world of Sphagnum mosses.    

See website for gallery hours
Location: Christine Klassen Gallery (321 50th Ave. SE)Free
Image of print by John K. Esler

The Estate of John K. Esler

Christine Klassen Gallery is thrilled to showcase John K. Esler’s incredible inventory of prints from 1969 – 1995. With a legacy spanning decades as an artist, educator and mentor to generations of printmakers, JK’s prints have been largely unseen since his passing in 2001. See them for yourself at CKG!

See website for gallery hours
Location: Christine Klassen Gallery (321 50th Ave. SE)Free
A painting of bracelet by Yu Chen


The Alberta Society of Artists is proud to present Meditation, a solo show that features paintings of Buddhist bracelets by Yu Chen. Buddhist bracelets emphasize virtue and positive energy and represent the aspiration of people to live better lives. Make sure to check it out!


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