Amplify Her - Calgary Purple Carpet Premiere
Amplify Her | Photo: K Good Photo

Amplify Her

Join Ten One Films for the Calgary purple carpet premiere

Amy Jo Espetveidt

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A film, graphic novel, and animated motion comic series that explores the rise of female artists in the electronic music scene, join Ten One Films for the Calgary purple carpet premiere.

Imagined and brought to life by more than 21 female creators across North America, this 89-minute feature follows seven up-and-coming stars as they find their unique voices within a male-dominated realm. The premiere includes guest appearances from the filmmakers, a few artists, and a lively post-screening discussion. And you can even purchase 144 graphic novels covering topics of illness, cyberbullying, sexual conformity, emotional vulnerability, and self-image.

Amplify Her screens at 7:00pm on December 7, 2017 at the Globe Cinema (617 8th Ave. SW). Tickets are $15 or $40 for a ticket and graphic novel.