Joy Robinson and Jennifer Beacom in As It Is In Heaven
Joy Robinson and Jennifer Beacom in As It Is In Heaven | Photo: Tara Whittaker

As It Is In Heaven

Fire Exit Theatre closes season with exploration of hope, challenge, and change

Amy Jo Espetveidt

  • Location Engineered Air Theatre, Arts Commons  234 9th Ave. SE
  • Price $20 - $25
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A rumination of the nature of God, goodness, and grace, Calgary’s Fire Exit Theatre teams up with Ambrose University Theatre to close its season.

Directed by Kate Newby, As It Is In Heaven follows a religious community as it is changed when a non-believer has an ecstatic experience. The Shaker society of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, is set in ordered ways. Their once dramatic form of worship has by now developed into routine but the arrival of a young woman upsets the harmony.

“At first glance I was drawn to this pieces because of the cast of nine women,” says Artistic Director Val Lieske, in a statement. “It is incredibly difficult to find stories told by strong, unique women.

“Plus this is such a unique, religious community that I really wanted to explore,” she continues. “I think when communities, religious or otherwise, become too cloistered, like the Shakers, who removed themselves from the world, you’re asking for problems. Our theology can get a little skewed when not being tested and influenced by other voices. Faith was always meant to be lived out in a broad sense, not kept tucked away and never challenged.”

As It Is In Heaven runs March 21 to 25, 2018 at the Engineered Air Theatre, Arts Commons (234 9th Ave. SE).