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Bringing Power to Truth

Artists Grappling Stolen Land, Lives & Labour

Haider Ali

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The Cultural Instigators (CI) initiative supports Artists involved in building Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in their communities to confront social issues through art and an anti-racist framework.

The CI themselves are a group of grassroots Indigenous, Black, and People of Culture/Colour Artists who call Moh’kinstsis/Calgary and surrounding area home. Since forming in June 2020, the CI have facilitated the coming together of Artists and community Elders/Leaders to reflect on their experiences and create artistic projects that engage public systems and the broader community.

The guiding question that the CI continually asked themselves during their process was “What does an Anti Racist Moh’kinstsis/Calgary look like led by a group of Artists?”

Bringing Power to Truth Part 1: Artists Grappling Stolen Land, Stolen Lives and Stolen Labour is an Unconference that was co-designed with community engagement facilitated by the CI during their monthly Chat & Chew meetings. For this event, they are coming together to grapple with what has been learned and instigate support for future artistic projects, community advocacies, and actions that have emerged from their work.

Please join the Cultural Instigators (CI) for their event on Saturday, May 28. Details can be found at evenbrite.ca