Handsome Alice Theatre's Certified


Handsome Alice Theatre presents Jan Derbyshire’s one-woman show

Amy Jo Espetveidt

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In a show where the audience is a mental health review board, join the irreverent fun as comedian and certified insane person Jan Derbyshire makes her case.

A hilarious and heart-aching romp, come grapple with hefty questions about what is and isn’t crazy.

“For someone who has been certified insane, Jan Derbyshire is one of the sanest people I’ve ever encountered,” says Handsome Alice Theatre’s Artistic Producer, Kate Newby, in a statement. “She’s also one of the most authentic and genuinely funny human beings on the face of the planet. I’d follow her insanity to the ends of the earth.”

Certified runs March 15 to 17, 2018 at the Joyce Doolittle Theatre, Pumphouse Theatres (2140 Pumphouse Ave. SW).