‘da Kink in my Hair
The cast of Theatre Calgary’s 'da Kink in my Hair | Photo: Trudie Lee

‘da Kink in my Hair

Theatre Calgary kicks season off with smash hit

Amy Jo Espetveidt

  • Location Max Bell Theatre, Arts Commons  240 9th Ave. SE
  • Price $35 - $127
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It inspired a television show and is now coming to western Canada for the first time, ‘da Kink in my Hair kicks off Theatre Calgary’s season with a bang.

The show follows eight distinctive women in a Toronto hair salon who share unforgettable stories from their lives with surprising honesty and extraordinary joy. Full of music and comedy, ‘da Kink also delves into important issues including racism, homophobia, violence, and sexual abuse. And Calgary audiences get an extra treat with playwright Trey Anthony portraying hairdresser Novelette.

“I think it was necessary with ‘da Kink to see Black women’s stories portrayed authentically onstage because, for a lot of women, regardless of race, we walk around with this private pain. There’s that inner voice saying ‘we are never good enough.’ And I think this play gives women a sense of healing,” says Anthony in a statement. “I grew up in a hair salon. My aunt was a hairdresser. A salon becomes a place where women gather and talk about what’s going on in their lives. It’s not just about getting your hair done. It really is a place where we gather as a community.”

‘da Kink in my Hair runs September 6 to October 1, 2016 at the Max Bell Theatre, Arts Commons (240 9th Ave. SE).