An Indigenous woman holding antlers
Cherish Violet Blood in Deer Woman | Photo: Courtesy of Downstage

Deer Woman

Downstage presents the Turtle Island premiere of ARTICLE 11’s unflinching piece

Amy Jo Espetveidt

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A solo-warrior-woman story of righteous vengeance that asks audiences to re-imagine justice, join Downstage as it offers the Turtle Island premiere of ARTICLE 11’s Deer Woman.

Lila, one missing girl’s big sister, refuses to stand idly by. She’s ex-army and the daughter of a hunter who taught her all he knew. When circumstances converge, Lila finds the perfect opportunity to avenge her baby sister’s murder while exercising the skills taught by the Canadian government.

A theatrical play translated into a film, the piece is streamed online starting on October 4, the National Day of Action for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

Deer Woman is vital to this moment in time because so many raised voices are finally being heard. Now, more than ever, we have a chance at expanding empathy. This is a story that demonstrates what can happen when deep wounds are neglected,” says playwright and co-producer Tara Beagan in a statement. “This story is of Lila taking justice into her own hands as she seizes a platform that ensures her voice can’t be ignored. Shooting the work here in Mohkinstsis for all the internet-having world to experience aligns with Lila’s mission beautifully. We believe the ancestors will be with us as we actualize this powerhouse message.”

ARTICLE 11 is an Indigenous arts activist creation and production company founded in 2013 by Beagan (Ntlaka’pamux and Irish “Canadian”) and Andy Moro (mixed Euro/Mushkegowuk Cree). It is named for the eleventh article in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which states Indigenous peoples have a right to practice our arts and culture as we choose, and have the resources to do so. The production features original songs by Lacey Hill and is performed by actor and activist Cherish Violet Blood.

Deer Woman runs October 4 to 18, 2020 with daily streams at 2:00 and 7:00pm MST. For more details and to reserve your free tickets, visit

The run also includes a one-night-only event on October 17 where you can join the creators for a curated conversation, illuminating artistic impetus, worldwide audience responses, and fielding your questions.