A photo of plastic orchid factory's Digital Folk
Digital Folk | Photo: Courtesy of Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre

Digital Folk

Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre presents plastic orchid factory’s dance-music-art show

Amy Jo Espetveidt

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Vancouver performance company plastic orchid factory is taking its hybrid dance-music-art show on the road and Calgary is its second stop.

With a cast of award-winning dancers transforming the Alexandra Dance Hall into a colourful environment that is part 80s rumpus room, part visual art installation, and part secret chamber, Digital Folk explores a generation’s approach to identity, physicality, social dance, and performance.

An interdisciplinary collaboration between James Gnam, Natalie Purschwitz, James Proudfoot, and 10 dance artists, the piece is a video game, costume party, music and dance performance, and art installation all rolled into one.

Digital Folk runs November 3 and 4, 2018 at Alexandra Dance Hall (936 9th Ave. SE) with three shows per night—7:00, 8:00, and 9:00pm. Suggested ticket price is $20 and ages 10+ welcome.