A still of Groucho Marx in Duck Soup
Don’t miss this screening of the Marx Brothers’ Duck Soup | Still: Courtesy of Calgary Cinematheque

Duck Soup

Join Calgary Cinematheque for a Marx Brothers classic

Amy Jo Espetveidt

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From the vaudeville circuit to the sound stages of Hollywood, the Marx Brothers were among the 20th century’s most benevolent bands of anarchist troublemakers.

Duck Soup finds the brothers teamed-up with legendary director Leo McCarey for what many consider their finest screen outing. Exploring war, geopolitics, and slapstick, join Calgary Cinematheque for this screening of the 1933 classic.

Catch Duck Soup at 7:00pm on December 20, 2018 at the Globe Cinema (617 8th Ave. SW). Advance tickets and memberships can be found at calgarycinema.org.