A photo of a flamenco dancer
Flamenco at The Lantern | Photo: Rosanna Terracciano

Flamenco at The Lantern

Join Flamenco Nada Mas for this inspirational evening

Amy Jo Espetveidt

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Flamenco connects the song in your heart to the strum of the guitar, the beat of the dancer’s step, the lyric of the singer’s canto. Join Flamenco Nada Mas for an evening of song, music, and dance.

Featuring dancers Tracy Cumberbatch, Francesca Canalizo, Maria Regnier, Jane Ogilvie, and Marcela Antoniou alongside musicians Adriana Sanzana, David Matyas, Pradeep Vyas, and Irena Dumicz, don’t miss this special performance.

Flamenco at The Lantern takes place at 7:30pm on November 3, 2018 at the Lantern Community Church (1401 10th Ave. SE).