Four women in vintage hockey uniforms stand around a net with a man instructing them
Kate Dion-Richard, Gili Roskies, Katie Ryerson, Morgan Yamada, and Kevin Corey in Glory | Photo: Barbara Zimonick


Don’t miss this uplifting, music and dance-filled take on a piece of Canadian history

Amy Jo Espetveidt

  • Location Martha Cohen Theatre, Arts Commons  215 8th Ave. SE
  • Price $26 - $75
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Showcasing the little-known origin story of Canadian women’s hockey, this epic story is ripped from the pages of history.

A jazz and dance-filled odyssey through the early days of women’s hockey, Glory explores femininity and women’s participation in athletics.

This tale of friendship and perseverance was inspired by the true story Canada’s first women’s hockey league and is told through the eyes of four friends who went on to become hockey legends, setting a record for percentage of game wins that remains unbeaten to this day.

Both a world premiere production from playwright and choreographer Tracey Power and Alberta Theatre Projects’ season closer, the show was produced in association with Kamloops’ Western Canada Theatre.

“It’s important to us as Canadians that we find a way to shine a light on our own stories, particularly when they tell us about the courage, sacrifice, and spirit of women in our history,” says director James MacDonald, in a statement. “Glory is a story that brings to life the vitality, humour, and spirit of women of that generation. It’s an honour to collaborate with ATP, the home of new play production in Western Canada, on this important and exciting play.”

Glory runs from April 3 to 21, 2018 at the Martha Cohen Theatre, Arts Commons (215 8th Ave. SE).