Haunted House Hamlet Poster
Haunted House Hamlet | Image: Courtesy of Artist Collective Theatre

Haunted House Hamlet

Choose your own Shakespearean twist with this immersive experience

Amy Jo Espetveidt

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Would you revenge the death of your father if his ghost told you to? This Halloween, join Artist Collective Theatre and go on an adventure with a Shakespearean twist.

An immersive night of entertainment in a site responsive location with only 30 tickets a show, don’t miss Peter Eliot Weiss’ The Haunted House Hamlet.

When a troubled teen breaks into an abandoned building, he discovers a group of ghosts amidst the random objects doomed to perform Hamlet until the end of time. Written in 1986, the production has been performed only a select few times due to its complexity of script.

“It’s basically four hours of text performed simultaneously by eight artists on three stages,” says director Amanda Liz Cutting, in a statement. “The result is each actor is a one man show that audience members can wander through. The show even comes with a map for the actors—it’s that complex.”

Check out Haunted House Hamlet October 27 to 31, 2017 at the A/Maze: Calgary Escape Game (102, 206 11th Ave. SE). Tickets are $35 and come with a complimentary beverage.