Katie Sly demonstrates rope bondage in How to Self-Suspend
Katie Sly in How to Self-Suspend | Photo: Courtesy of the High Performance Rodeo

How To Self-Suspend

This X-rated narrative is part rope bondage demonstration and all storytelling

Amy Jo Espetveidt

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Part storytelling, part photo-essay, part rope bondage demonstration, How to Self-Suspend is an interactive performance about how trauma shapes the choices we make.

Co-presented by One Yellow Rabbit and Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre, Tender Container’s x-rated narrative tracks Katie Sly’s existence in three cities—from their violent childhood in Montreal, their late 20s in the Toronto rope bondage community, and their early 30s living on the edge of Vancouver’s Downtown East Side.

Unsparing in its details, the show uses Mx. Sly’s history to ask uncomfortable questions of its audience through, at times, ethically-questionable means.

How To Self-Suspend runs January 10 to 12, 2019 at The Studio at The GRAND (608 1st St. SW) and is part of the High Performance Rodeo.