Hushabye explores the foibles of impending parenthood | Photo: Courtesy of Sizzle and Spark


Sizzle and Spark embark on a whole new journey, parenthood

Amy Jo Espetveidt

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Sizzle and Spark Fandango have the perfect life—a big house, beautiful yard and a white picket fence. But not the 2.5 children, so they strike a nefarious deal to have it all.

Last seen in The Sama Kutra, Jed Tomlinson (Spark) and Jacqueline Russell (Sizzle) are back with this laugh-out-loud adult clown comedy that explores the extremes we go to have the perfect life.

“We always start our creation process from the place where our fears overlap,” says Tomlinson in a statement. “When we created The Sama Kutra our creation process was driven by the fact that we are both children of divorce.”

“And the idea of ending up in a loveless marriage is a big fear for both of us,” adds Russell in a statement. “With our new show we want to dive further into the realm of things that scare us by tackling our fears and potential regrets surrounding the choice to become a parent.”

Hushabye runs August 24 to 27, 2016 at Lunchbox Theatre (160, 115 9th Ave. SE).