The cast of Most Imaginary Worlds and their inventive props
The cast of Most Imaginary Worlds | Photo: Mike Tan

Most Imaginary Worlds

This new production is created from the imaginations of Calgary children with disabilities

Amy Jo Espetveidt

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A mysterious man lives on a bus, serving ice-cream and wisdom. A stargazing mermaid floats in the ocean. A fearsome pirate captain can’t get her crew to follow her orders. A student discovers she can control time after a chemistry class explosion. These are the worlds and characters waiting to be discovered in Inside Out Theatre’s new production.

Presenting stories of hope, gems of hilarity, battles with equality, and triumphs of the human spirit, Most Imaginary Worlds is playful, imaginative, and profound.

Created by Inside Out Theatre’s Point of View Ensemble and presented by Quest Theatre, this heart-warming theatrical production is created by artists with disabilities from stories imagined by Calgary children with disabilities.

“Most Imaginary Worlds is created by the Point of View Ensemble, the only permanent, professional ensemble of artists with developmental disabilities in English Canada,” says Director Col Cseke. “What that really means is that it’s a wholly unique, surprising, and beautifully rare show that you won’t see anywhere else!”

A magical production that takes real world barriers local kids with disabilities face and erases them through pure imagination, Cseke believes the show is an affirming experience allowing, audiences to see that there are ways to make a world that is suited to everyone.

“One of the scenes features a stargazing mermaid telling us about the mer-myth of family constellations,” he explains. “The actor in the scene is wearing a gorgeous mermaid costume and ‘swims’ around the stage with the help of a wheelchair. Choreographing that scene was a wonderful experience of celebrating a wheelchair as a dynamic, graceful, and freeing tool.”

Most Imaginary Worlds runs May 3 and 4, 2019 at cSPACE King Edward (1721 29th Ave. SW).