A dancer performs in Making Treaty 7's new production, Okotoks
Okotoks | Photo: Courtesy of the Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society


Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society presents a story of survival and resilience

Amy Jo Espetveidt

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Telling the story of Holy Bear Woman, Okotoks follows a young Blackfoot girl who survived the Baker massacre where almost 300 Elders, women, and children were killed while the men were in search of buffalo.

Join Making Treaty 7 and witness a story of survival and resilience that will leave you breathless. The piece highlights Holy Bear Woman’s resilience and strength, proof of which is seen in the fact that her bloodline has survived—Justin Many Fingers, Artistic Director of Making Treaty 7 and director of Okotoks, is one of her many descendants.

“As I create work, I am always trying to work with the Blackfoot paradigm of the culture and always breaking down the story, the dance, and the song. I believe that in the Blackfoot culture every story has a dance, every dance has a song, and that every song tells a story,” says Many Fingers in a statement.

A personal show led by an incredible creative team and cast, Okotoks looks, sounds, and feels different from any previous MT7 production. Take a journey as Many Fingers shares the epic story of his grandmother through his art form.

Okotoks runs February 26 and 27, 2019 at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium (1415 14th Ave. NW).