A tag in the colllar of a white shirt

Magical Thinking

At a quick glance Outfit for the Afterlife looks exactly like an everyday outfit—a t-shirt and jeans, something you would wear on a casual day running errands.

A packed club with a dancing crowd.

Sled Island

Alright everyone. You know what time of year it is. Ready or not Sled Island is upon us and it’s time to get your party on. Calgary’s own eclectic music and arts festival turns 10 with a bang.



Enjoying Shakespeare on Prince’s Island Park is a summertime right of passage in Calgary. And this year Theatre Calgary continues the tradition with one of the Bard’s most beloved works, Hamlet.

A man sits with his arms resting on a guitar case

Free This Week

Summer is here and our week is packed! There’s always something awesome happening for free in this great city. Here’s what’s on the schedule this week.


One Hundred Masterworks

Don’t miss this extraordinary selection of vintage photographs of North American indigenous people including both iconic and previously little known images.


First Person

An exhibition of stunning, though-provoking works, this show gives the creators a chance to reclaim portraiture as a powerful gesture of self-expression and self-determination.


Power in Pictures

It might still be considered unconventional, but when reaching youth a graphic novel can be empowering as any other art form. It is, after all, a great way to embrace storytelling.

Rock on Spelling Bee poster in bright colours

Rock On Spelling Bee

When the tagline for a spelling bee is sex, drugs and music, you know it ain’t going to be the kind you remember from school. First prize takes home a Sled Island wristband.