Join d.talks for an evening discussion that responds to Esker Foundation’s current shows


It’s your turn to talk with d. talks

Amy Jo Espetveidt

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This unconventional book club presents the theme of the afternoon and you bring your own book, poem, or object that you feel best articulates it, join d.talks and the Esker Foundation for PLACEHOLDER.

An opportunity for Calgarians to critically discuss and identify how city and citizens affect and are impacted by local and global themes borne out of the work of Esker’s current exhibiting artists, the theme this month is Thresholds.

Discussing divides and gaps, and working to understand what creates that space between, what may live there, and the role such thresholds play in our lives, the afternoon asks participants to ponder how do these concepts present themselves in daily life, in the architecture around you, and in the city’s planning?

Bring an object, reading, poem, songanything that expresses the theme for youand join this informal dialogue that has no required reading. Participation without an object or text is also welcome.

PLACEHOLDER: It’s your turn to talk! with d.talks takes place at 1:00pm on June 23, 2018 at the Esker Foundation (1011 9th Ave. SE). The event is free but registration is essential.