A photo from Ronan Donovan of a family of chimpanzees
Catch Social by Nature with wildlife photographer Ronan Donovan | Photo: Ronan Donovan

Social by Nature

Wildlife photographer Ronan Donovan joins National Geographic Live

Amy Jo Espetveidt

  • Location Jack Singer Concert Hall, Arts Commons  (205 8th Ave. SE)
  • Price $47 - $90
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Charismatic, beautiful, and often strikingly like ourselves, social mammals build relationships, communicate, reproduce, establish territories, and adapt to shrinking resources.

Biologist turned photographer Ronan Donovan studies the lives of social mammals, their relationship to their ecosystem, and how we can save them. Part of the Arts Commons Presents National Geographic Live series, join Donovan as he takes you into the lives of wolves, chimpanzees, gorillas, and bears to discover our fellow social mammals and what we can learn from them.

Social by Nature with Wildlife Photographer Ronan Donovan takes place November 4 and 5, 2018 at the Jack Singer Concert Hall, Arts Commons (205 8th Ave. SE).