Vertigo Theatre's The Lonely Diner

The Lonely Diner

This Canadian mystery is full of stolen whiskey and danger

Amy Jo Espetveidt

  • Location The Playhouse at Vertigo Theatre  115 9th Ave. SE
  • Price $20 - $73
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In a small, quiet Canadian diner, Lucy yearns for the glitz, glamour, and excitement of America’s roaring cities. But an infamous gangster and his stolen whiskey might just turn those dreams into real-life danger.

Vertigo Theatre’s The Lonely Diner is set in a time where Prohibition has just been lifted in Ontario and mob bosses battle south of the boarder. So, what happens when bootlegging gangsters show up at a rural Canadian diner? You’ll just have to check it out to see.

The Lonely Diner runs March 10 to April 8, 2018 at The Playhouse at Vertigo Theatre (115 9th Ave. SE). Previews run March 10 to 14 with the official opening on March 15.