A bright still life with to the AWE spelled out in colourful letters
to the AWE returns | Photo: Bon Adriel Aceñero

to the AWE #3

Experience the unknown as this live performance series returns

Amy Jo Espetveidt

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A series of rough and ready performances, to the AWE encourages artists to embrace risk and defy genre. Catch the next offering from this group dedicated to the live and contemporary.

Featuring Rosanna Terracciano, Kristy Benz, Jay Northcott, Cobra J Collins, Erin Jenkins and Helen Young, and Matthew Waddell, the evening asks the artists to play with the unfathomable, inhabit the experimental, and dare to re-imagine their practice and performance.

to the AWE #3 takes place at 8:00pm on February 13, 2019 at The New Gallery (208 Centre St. S).