Kensington Sinfonia performs in the Village Brewery Taproom for the Village Session
Kensington Sinfonia’s Village Sessions return | Photo: Courtesy of Village Brewery

Village Session with Valiska

Series returns as Kensington Sinfonia teams up with Village Brewery

Amy Jo Espetveidt

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Let the ambient electroacoustic soundscapes created by Valiska plunge you into a mesmerized state that feels like seeing a beautiful object under a magnifying glass.

The serene sonic space of Valiska’s music effortlessly matches the classical repertoire of Kensington Sinfonia as the Village Sessions return for a new season. Come to listen and see that it’s possible to have a quiet, calming night at the brewery. Every ticket includes a pint of Village beer.

Village Session #1 takes place at 7:30pm on November 15, 2018 at the Village Brewery Taproom (5000 12A St. SE).