Grant Investment Programs

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Grant Investment Programs

Calgary Arts Development is pleased to release the results of its 2020 grant investment programs. A full breakdown of each of the programs can be found below:

Arts Organizations

The Operating Grant Program provides stable, predictable funding to arts organizations in Calgary. Operating Grant funds may be allocated to any area of an arts organization’s budget and are confirmed on a yearly basis upon the receipt of an interim report until the end of 2022.

In 2020, organizations had the opportunity to apply for an increase to their yearly grant, which was determined through a hybrid formula and peer assessment process.

For information about how this program was assessed, please see the Terms of Reference for the Operating Grant Program for 2020 to 2022.

Organization Total Annual Operating Grant Amount for 2020 – 2022
Acoustic Music Society of Calgary $7,500
Adult Recreational Choir Society of Calgary $18,200
Alberta Ballet $407,000
Alberta Craft Council $49,900
Alberta Dance Theatre for Young People $10,500
Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society $11,200
Alberta Playwrights’ Network $16,300
Alberta Printmakers $17,500
Alberta Theatre Projects $364,500
Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society $19,200
Alliance Française $39,300
Amici String Program $12,900
Antyx Community Arts $40,700
Artpoint Gallery & Studios $4,500
Beltline Neighbourhoods Association $16,400
Book Publishers Association of Alberta $29,300
Brazilian Community Association of Alberta $5,000
Calgary Allied Arts Foundation $3,200
Calgary Animated Objects Society $49,800
Calgary Bach Festival $3,500
Calgary Blues Music Association $43,200
Calgary Boys’ Choir $8,400
Calgary Children’s Choir $3,600
Calgary Chinese Orchestra $3,500
Calgary Cinematheque $14,000
Calgary Civic Symphony $11,000
Calgary Concert Band $5,300
Calgary Fiddlers $24,700
Calgary Folk Music Festival $146,700
Calgary Foothills Barbershop Chorus $9,400
Calgary Girls Choir $32,500
Calgary International Film Festival $95,900
Calgary International Fringe Festival $35,000
Calgary Jazz Orchestra $15,000
Calgary Men’s Chorus $6,000
Calgary Multicultural Choir $3,500
Calgary Opera $326,300
Calgary Performing Arts Festival Society $10,000
Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra $435,900
Calgary Pro Musica $23,700
Calgary Protospace $12,500
Calgary Reggae Festival $18,810
Calgary Renaissance Singers & Players $4,200
Calgary Round-Up Band $4,500
Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers $37,500
Calgary Underground Film Festival $38,000
Calgary Young People’s Theatre $20,300
Calgary Youth Orchestra $12,000
Canadian Academy of Mask and Puppetry $7,500
Canadian Music Centre, Prairie Region $20,600
Cantare Children’s Choir $27,400
Caribbean Community Council of Calgary $11,400
Casa Mexico $10,000
Chromatic Theatre $15,000
CJSW 90.9 FM $53,300
Classical Guitar Society of Calgary $7,000
Contemporary Calgary $132,500
Corps Bara Dance Guild of Calgary $2,950
Cowtown Opera (2020 Grant Only) $5,200
Dancers’ Studio West $31,100
Decidedly Jazz Danceworks $194,300
Design Talks Institute $17,000
Downstage $17,500
Early Music Voices $10,100
East Side Dance Festival $10,000
Elephant Artist Relief $5,000
EMMEDIA Gallery & Production Society $40,700
EnChor Choral $2,000
Evergreen Theatre & Community Spaces $40,300
Exposure Photography Festival $26,900
Femme Wave $30,000
Fire Exit Theatre $4,000
Fish Creek Concert and Cultural Society $3,325
Foothills Bluegrass Music Society $2,750
Foothills Brass $10,200
Footprints Dance Project $13,200
Forte Musical Theatre $11,700
FreeFall Magazine $8,000
Front Row Centre Players $18,600
Ghost River Theatre Society $27,700
Glenbow Museum $349,000
Gli Azzurri – Calgary Italian Folk Dancers $9,300
GlobalFest $33,300
Green Fools Theatre $27,100
Handsome Alice Theatre $12,400
Harmony Guzheng Ensemble $5,900
Hispanic Arts Society $33,400
Honens $84,600
Humainologie $24,000
Iiniistsi Treaty Society $20,000
Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Alberta University of the Arts $12,200
Indefinite Arts Centre $63,300
Indigenous Resiliency in Music $30,000
Inside Out Theatre $22,200
Instrumental Society of Calgary $5,200
International Festival of Animated Objects $17,200
International Festival of Song and Chamber Music $10,400
JazzYYC $27,200
Jeunesse Classique Ballet $17,000
Kantorei Choral $8,000
Kensington Sinfonia $7,300
La Caravan Dance Theatre (2020 Grant Only) $3,000
Land’s End Ensemble $11,000
Leighton Art Centre $39,000
Loft 112 $20,000
Loose Moose Theatre $23,800
Lougheed House $52,100
Luminous Voice $20,000
Lunchbox Theatre $65,000
Making Treaty 7 $30,000
Marda Loop Justice Film Festival $4,000
MoMo Multi Ability Movement Arts $14,100
Morpheus Theatre $17,700
Mount Royal Choral $6,500
Mountain Standard Time Performative Arts Festival $20,200
Music Calgary $6,750
National Music Centre $256,000
New Works Calgary $10,300
Old Trout Puppet Workshop $49,900
One Big Jam $15,000
One Voice Chorus $10,000
One Yellow Rabbit $89,100
ProArts Society $10,200
Pumphouse Theatres $43,200
Queer Arts Society $31,200
Quest Theatre $51,700
Quickdraw Animation Society $53,200
Revv52 $31,500
Rocky Mountain Concert Band $6,500
Sarb Akal Music Society of Calgary $30,000
Savridi Singers $2,000
Silver Stars Musical Revue $5,400
Single Onion $3,800
Sled Island Music Festival $92,700
Soulocentric Performing Arts $7,000
Southern Alberta Woodworkers $1,250
Spiritus Chamber Choir $9,700
Springboard Performance $32,800
Stage Left Productions Theatre $17,300
Storybook Theatre $50,300
Stride Art Gallery $43,400
Studio C, Prospect Human Services $20,900
Suzirya Ukrainian Dance Theatre $12,600
Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre $14,000
The GRAND $77,000
The Festival Chorus $10,800
The League of Extraordinary Albertans $11,800
The New Gallery $43,400
The Shakespeare Company $22,500
Theatre Alberta Society $63,000
Theatre Calgary $410,600
Theatre Encounter $2,000
Three Left Feet Movement Creations $10,200
Trickster Theatre $56,300
TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary $50,000
Tryzub Ukrainian Dance $27,000
Untitled Art Society $24,200
Verb Theatre $9,100
Vertigo Theatre $124,600
W&M Dance Projects $9,700
West Village Theatre $10,400
Westwinds Music Society $18,900
When Words Collide $3,000
Wild Mint Arts $15,000
Woezo Africa Music and Dance $15,000
WordFest $91,400
WP Puppet Theatre $18,700
Writers Guild of Alberta $38,800
Youth Singers of Calgary $68,800

Individual Artists & Collectives

Calgary Arts Development is pleased to release the results of the 2020 Project Grant Program for Individuals and Collectives. This program provided one-time funding to support artistic projects by individuals and artistic collectives that strengthen our artistic communities and ensure that citizens of Calgary can experience what they have to offer.

In 2020, we received 171 applications requesting a total of $1,575,844.38. 94 projects were funded for a total of $850,019.51.

For information about how this program was assessed, please see the Terms of Reference for the 2020 Project Grant Program for Individuals and Collectives.

Artist or Collective Project Grant Amount
8ROJO Developing The Immigration Project $10,000
Ahmed Gooda Artist Professional Development $8,808
Aimee-Jo Benoit TRIPTYCH $10,000
Alex Manitopyes In the City $9,200
Ali Bryan Takedown $7,400
Allan Brent Rosales Uncomfortable Conversations from the Silence: Portraits of Racism from FilipinX who call Calgary/Mohkinsstsis Home $10,000
Andrew Cooper Frankenstein $10,000
Andrew Mohr The Road to Greathaven $10,000
Ann Mansolino The Book, the Land, and the Self: Connections Between Self and Place in the Landscapes of Alberta $9,630.73
BrownKam BrownKam Music Video Production and Distribution $5,770
Bryan Faubert NYC/MTA:YYC/LRT $10,000
Calvin Gomez Thunder Of Alberta $10,000
Claudia Chagoya A Rose for Remembrance $8,700
Clea Anaïs Foo Fat Circle Zero – Video Series $8,666
Constantine Anastasakis Imperfect Symmetry $10,000
Crystal Eyes Crystal Eyes Music Video at the ‘Castle House’ $5,000
David Sklar The Engagement $10,000
Elijah Wells Professional development and research in digital capacity – photography and video editing $8,364
Eric Stroppel & Alex Mitchel Throwback $9,900
Erna Bianca Miranda & Keshia Maria Cheesman The F Word $9,920
Flint & Feather Flint & Feather – Renaissance $10,000
Fredy Rivas Highway II $10,000
Gary Spice Gary Spice Garden of Hope Album Production $10,000
Glenna Cardinal NUWI (over there – further) $10,000
Hanne Loosen For Design’s Sake – An experiment putting scenography first $9,946.40
Heather Hazlett Adapting to the Digital World $10,000
Hernan Moreno & Germán Rodriguez Mirrors and Windows $7,000
IDGAF Theatre Losing It at the End of the World & The Face-Off: A Series of Workshops $7,113.70
Ireke Amoji Smell da coffee African Caribbean Situational Comedy Video Pilot Project $10,000
Jacqs Walker Calgary without Patriarchy: Composers’ Collective & Recording $10,000
Jacqueline Aquines kapwa people: a sci-fi musical of an Anti-Racist Future $10,000
James Ziegler Shimmering Willows $10,000
Janey Luc-German Live Figure Drawing/Painting $1,800
Jason de Haan Structure for Observing Atypical Flight $10,000
Jessica McMann Indigenous Classical Music CD $10,000
Joline Olson I Always Knew: A Mixed-Orientation Marriage Book Manuscript project $5,715
Jordan Wieben Timeline Tourism Roleplaying Game $8,986
Julya Hajnoczky Creation of body of work Bloom $10,000
Kara Bullock $9,706
Katharina Schier Groundwork Residency: Movement Knowledge as a Kind of Cultural Knowledge $10,000
Kenna Burima & Brianna Strong While She Sleeps Songbook and Animation Album $10,000
Kerry Maguire Resonant and Deeper – Live AV Performance by Wish Lash $8,300
Kiana Rawji ESSENTIAL – Documentary on Essential Workers & the Cargill COVID-19 Outbreak $10,000
Kiana Wu The Strid: A Stage It! Playwright/Producer Performance with Downstage Theatre $10,000
Kyra Newton-Guy Blissful Dance Class $10,000
Landon Krentz Devising Deaf Theatre Workshop Series – Seeking Planet Eyeth (Working Title) $10,000
Lara Schmitz Delayed Deliverance Workshop $2,722.50
Laura Anzola Blue Borders $10,000
Lauren Chipeur Picking up, taking and filling $700
Le Cirque de la Nuit Wondrous Theatre Production $10,000
Lili Tayefi Intelligent Artifacts $9,990
Lindsay Bowman You Are Here (And So Am I) $10,000
Lisa Lipton Soon All Your Memories Will Be With Me $10,000
Maggie MacKenzie Sh*t Happens $10,000
Malavika Venkatsubbaiah Manasi $10,000
Mandy Morris Music with Mandy $10,000
Many Mothers Collective Urgency $10,000
Mar’ce Merrell On Culture and Embodiment: Fiction and Non-Fiction Works $10,000
Mark Kunji Ikeda Crime and Punishment Technical Residency $10,000
Matthew Gigg Val-d’Or Literary Manuscript $4,813.44
Melanee Jill Murray-Hunt Short Story Series $10,000
Michael Lohaus Awesome Fun Battle Time $10,000
Miruna Dragan Hummingbird Guided Meditation $9,410
Mudfoot Theatre Collective Jabber: The Folk Opera $10,000
Nurgul Rodriguez Vessels Project: A Container, a Book, a Body $10,000
Oksana Kryzhanivska Present – Augmented Reality Interactive Spaces $5,897
Pamela Tzeng SHED / knowing each other as different and the same (working title) $10,000
Peter Tertzakian Blackfoot Co-operative Coal Mine $10,000
Project InTandem Project InTandem commissions a double-bill dance production $10,000
Rocio Graham Art residency at KOAC and the creation of The nest studio garden a legacy project $10,000
Sandra Vida Way Station $8,550
Sarah Graham Waiting for the Storm to Break $10,000
Sarah MacDonald Live-stream Flute Recital $2,500
Sasha Ivanochko The March $10,000
Savanna Harvey Wastelands Summer Workshop 2020 $10,000
Sebastian Buzzalino Little Deaths $8,461.74
Seniors’ Acting Lab Signage $10,000
Seth Cardinal Dodginghorse The Tsuut’ina War $10,000
Shaun Crawford Here & After $4,719
Simon Chan The Hare & The Hound $10,000
Stacy Da Silva Virtually Haute $10,000
Stefanie Kathleen Barnfather Scattered $10,000
Tara WIlson The Gateway Project $10,000
The Deep End Collective Bungalow $10,000
The Hello Darlins The Hello Darlins – Marketing Support $10,000
Thumbs Up Good Work Theatre The Born Again Crow Gwandaak Co-Production $10,000
to the AWE to the AWE Season #4: RAW FEST $10,000
Todd Kipp The Butcher, Short Film – Post Production Phase $10,000
Tracy Breaker BSEP – Broadening Artistic Ability $7,000
Tunnel A monument to tears $5,900
Tyler Klein Longmire Renderfam (animated short film): final production and post-production phase $10,000
Wil Knoll observationTwo $9,430
Yolkless Press Yolkless Press $10,000
Yvonne Kustec Year Long Artist Residency at Medalta $10,000

This program is supplemented through donations from:

Calgary Arts Foundation, Calgary Foundation, and RBC

First Nations, Métis, Inuit Artists & Organizations

The Original Peoples Investment Program provided one-time funding to support projects which support the preservation and revitalization of First Nation, Métis, and Inuit art.

In 2020, we received 77 applications requesting a total of $744,624.46. 44 applications were funded for a total of $399,397.89. For information about how this program was assessed, please see the Terms of Reference for the 2020 Original Peoples Investment Program.

Artist, Collective or Organization Project Grant Amount
Adrian Stimson Arts Mohkinitsis/Siksika Connecting through
Art – The School of Badger 2020
Alanna Blackrider – Onespot Spirit (A poetry book by Alanna Bluebird) $8,500
Angel J. Aubichon Thantoka/Buffillo $10,000
Authentically Indigenous Authentically Indigenous Community Arts Gathering $7,000
BB ISKWEW – Kayla Simpson Metamorphosis $10,000
Brittney Bear Hat These Gifts: Research and Development $6,000
Bruno Canadien Sehéh łą́h kų́ę́ nádéh (My famıly) $8,500
Celestine Twigg Poos Animation Project $10,000
Chantal Chagnon Songs and Storytelling Album $10,000
Cowboy Smithx The Silent X $8,000
Curt Young and the Healers This is My Story EP Album $7,500
Danielle Kehler Who We Are $10,000
Deedra Salange Ladouceur Ghost’ Return to Mourning $10,000
Dwight Farahat Dwight Farahat’s Mini Documentary/Video Album $10,000
Glenna Cardinal Xatalini – Spring (water) $10,000
Heather Morigeau Pine Needle Weaving with Ktunaxa
Knowledge Keepers
Indigenous Resilience In Music Rhythm of the People Music & Arts Festival $7,000
Jared Tailfeathers Traditional Methods of Making:
Dog Trail (Imitáá ohtáóhsokoyi a’póóhsin) Part 2
Jarret Twoyoungmen Tibi $10,000
Jason Gordon The Missing Rose, Stage Two,
Donation Website, Marketing and Memorials
Jesse Gouchey The Ancient Static $8,000
Jessica McMann CD Recording $10,000
Kalum Teke Dan Kalum Teke Dan Artist Book $7,000
Michelle Soto Winter Gear $5,000
Midewiwin Teaching Lodge
Society of Alberta
Midewiwin (Big) Teaching Lodge $10,000
Nika Productions I Get Lonely – A Short Film $8,516.89
Ryan Jason Allen Willert nvrlnd. inaugural residency invitation $9,908
Sabrina Wozny Golden Feather Creations
Business/ Moss Bag making
Sandra Sutter Cluster Stars Song Book and Show – Parallel
Process – Honouring the Oral and Written Word
Sarah Houle ᐅᑳᐄᐧᒫᐤ okâwîmâw Mother $9,984
Seth Dodginghorse Asdaguʔagujagi (When did it happen?) $10,000
Shane Ghostkeeper Ghostkeeper Music Video Production $9,989
Soloman Chiniquay Simulacrum $5,000
Sophia Lebessis Printmaking for Treaty 7 Area Artists $7,000
Status Savage Learn-Create-Teach-Reclaim $10,000
Sweety Treaty Sweety Treaty Show & Music Production $10,000
Tania Dawn Big Plume The Breath of Old Bones $10,000
Tara Beagan Whoop Up $8,000
The Napi Collective The Napi Collective – Film Camps $10,000
Travis Miller Travis Miller – Alberta Bones $10,000
Troy Emery Twigg Aakakohtomiia: The Blackfoot Story (Working Title) $10,000
Tyson Night Hung Up $10,000
Wild Mint Arts Summer Dance Training $10,000
Zach Running Coyote Kohkum & Me $9,000

Relief Funding

Supported by The City of Calgary’s Emergency Resiliency Fund, Calgary Arts Development’s Recovery Fund supported organizations in developing and implementing strategic recovery and resiliency plans to ensure long-term sustainability.

We received 112 applications to this program, requesting over $3.9 million. 60 organizations were funded to a total of $1,001,400. For information about how this program was assessed, please see the Terms of Reference for the 2020 Recovery Fund.

Organization Amount
Alberta Playwrights’ Network $10,000
Alberta Printmakers Society $25,000
Alberta Theatre Projects $20,000
Alexandra Writers’ Centre $5,000
Antyx Community Arts $10,000
Beakerhead $25,000
Binhi Ng Lahi Philippine Folk Dance Troupe $15,000
Calgary Chinese Orchestra $5,000
Calgary Girls Choir $20,000
Calgary International Film Festival $27,500
Calgary Korean Orchestra $8,000
Calgary Opera $20,000
Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra $25,000
Calgary Queer Arts Society $20,000
Calgary Young People’s Theatre $8,000
Cantare Children’s Choir $8,000
CARFAC Alberta $9,900
Casa Mexico $10,000
Dancers Studio West $15,000
Design Talks Institute $20,000
Elephant Artist Relief Society $20,000
Exposure Photography Festival $10,000
Femme Wave $10,000
In-Definite Arts $25,000
Indigenous Resilience in Music $20,000
Inside Out Theatre $20,000
Kantorei Choral Society $20,000
KO Arts Centre $20,000
Land’s End Ensemble $16,000
Leighton Art Centre $10,000
Lougheed House $30,000
Luminous Voices $18,000
Making Treaty 7 $20,000
Morpheus Theatre Society $13,000
Mountain Standard Time Performative Arts Festival $25,000
New Works Calgary $9,500
Prairie Debut $10,000
Quest Theatre $20,000
Quickdraw Animation Society $8,000
Revv52 $20,000
Sage Theatre $20,000
Sankofa Arts & Music Foundation $20,000
Seities Studio $3,000
Sled Island Music Festival $20,000
SpanicArts: Hispanic Association of Professional Artists $8,000
Springboard Performance $28,000
StoryBook Theatre $10,000
Stride Gallery $10,000
The New Gallery $25,000
Theatre Alberta $12,000
THIRD ACTion Film Festival Limited $20,000
Trickster Theatre $30,000
TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary $25,000
Untitled Art Society $5,000
Verb Theatre $18,000
Vertigo Theatre $25,000
West Village Theatre $20,000
WordFest $11,500
WP Puppet Theatre $20,000
Youth Singers of Calgary $20,000

Supported by The City of Calgary’s Emergency Resiliency Fund, Calgary Arts Development’s Resiliency Fund supported initiatives which contribute to the resiliency of the arts sector through adapted approaches to artistic and business practices.

We received 141 applications between two program intakes, requesting over $5.1 million. 65 applications were funded to a total of $1,280,000. For information about how this program was assessed, please see the Terms of Reference for the 2020 Resiliency Fund.

Organization Name Grant Amount
Alberta Association of Artist Run Centres $10,000
Alberta Ballet $30,000
Alberta Printmakers’ Society $15,000
Alberta Theatre Projects $50,000
Anubhav $10,000
AUArts Students’ Association $25,000
Beltline Neighbourhoods Association $10,000
Binhi ng Lahi Philippine Folk Dance Troupe $15,000
BuckingJam Music Foundation $10,000
Calgary Animated Objects Society $25,000
Calgary Blues Music Association $10,000
Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre $25,000
Calgary Fiddlers $10,000
Calgary Music Academy Centre $10,000
Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra $10,000
Calgary Pro Musica $25,000
Calgary Renaissance Singers & Players $13,500
Calgary Suzuki Strings Association $3,300
Calgary Young Peoples’s Theatre $15,000
CJSW 90.9 FM $23,500
Corps Bara Dance Theatre $20,000
Decidedly Jazz Danceworks $15,000
Design Talks Institute $20,000
Downstage Performance Society $20,000
Edmonton Movie Club $8,000
Elephant Artist Relief $20,000
Evergreen Theatre & Community Spaces $20,000
Folk Festival Society of Calgary $10,000
Ghost River Theatre $50,000
Glenbow Museum $50,000
Green Fools Theatre $30,000
Handsome Alice Theatre $9,000
Heritage Weavers and Spinners Guild of Calgary $6,000
Honens $10,000
Iiniistsi Treaty Arts Society $15,000
Indefinite Arts Centre $28,000
Indigenous Resilience in Music $25,000
Inside Out Theatre $18,000
International Festival of Song and Chamber Music Society $7,500
JazzYYC $30,000
KO Arts Centre $10,000
Mountain Standard Time Performative Arts Festival $25,000
New Works of Art Calgary $12,000
nvrlnd. $30,000
One Voice Chorus $10,000
Pro Arts Society $5,000
Prospect Human Services $20,000
Pumphouse Theatre $20,000
Quickdraw Animation Society $12,000
Rhythm of the Rockies $4,000
Rocky Mountain Symphony $20,000
Sled Island Arts $45,000
Springboard Performance $13,500
Storybook Theatre $25,000
Stride Art Gallery $15,000
The New Gallery $45,000
Theatre Calgary $7,700
THIRD ACTion Film Festival $15,000
Trickster Theatre $45,000
Vertigo Theatre $20,000
Wandering Spirit $10,000
Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre $20,000
Wordfest $50,000
Writers’ Guild of Alberta $14,000
Youth Singers of Calgary $30,000

Calgary Arts Development allocated $1.5 million towards providing immediate relief to arts organizations, artists, and cultural workers in urgent need due to COVID-19 impacts.

Arts organizations were identified using data collected through a survey in March and April 2020, and grant amounts were determined through conversation with Calgary Arts Development staff. 48 organizations received short-term relief funding to a total of $917,700.

Relief grants to individual artists and cultural workers were made through a public application process assessed by Calgary Arts Development staff and community members. Due to the personal nature and volume of these grants, we will not be publishing individual names. 133 individuals were funded to a total of $170,547.17.

In addition to direct relief funding, a portion of the pool was allocated towards arts service organizations to assist in the delivery of artist relief programs, and to Elephant Artist Relief for their own relief program. For information about these programs, please see the COVID-19 Short-Term Relief Funding page.

Organization Grant Amount
Adult Recreational Choir $ 7,500
Alberta Playwrights Network $ 10,000
Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society $ 10,000
Alliance Française $ 10,000
Brazilian Community Association $ 5,000
Calgary Blues Music Association $ 20,000
Calgary Fiddlers $ 15,000
Calgary Folk Music Festival $ 50,000
Calgary International Fringe Festival $ 8,000
Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra $ 30,000
Calgary Queer Arts Society $ 10,000
Calgary Round Up Band $ 10,000
Calgary Society for Independent Filmmakers $ 25,000
Calgary Young People’s Theatre $ 20,000
Chromatic Theatre $ 5,000
Contemporary Calgary $ 20,000
cSPACE $ 50,000
Dancers’ Studio West $ 15,000
Elephant Artist Relief Society $ 5,000
Evergreen Theatre & Community Spaces $ 50,000
Forte Musical Theatre $ 5,000
Glenbow Museum $ 30,000
GlobalFest $ 20,000
Green Fools Theatre $ 50,000
Handsome Alice Theatre $ 10,000
Hispanic Arts Society $ 5,000
Instrumental Society of Calgary $ 5,000
International Festival of Song and Chamber Music $ 5,000
La Caravan Dance Theatre $ 9,500
Leighton Art Centre $ 10,000
Lougheed House $ 44,000
Luminous Voices $ 5,000
Lunchbox Theatre $ 8,700
National Music Centre $ 30,000
One Yellow Rabbit $ 20,000
Pumphouse Theatres $ 10,000
Quickdraw Animation Society $ 5,000
Sarb Akal Music Society of Calgary $ 30,000
Sled Island $ 50,000
Spiritus Chamber Choir $ 5,000
Studio C, Prospect Human Services Society $ 15,000
The Festival Chorus $ 5,000
The GRAND $ 7,500
Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Society $ 20,000
Untitled Art Society $ 30,000
Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre $ 7,500
WordFest $ 50,000
Youth Singers of Calgary $ 50,000

Other Programs

This program supports projects by artists and arts organizations who self-identify as equity-seeking, or which are led by and serve equity-seeking communities. Calgary Arts Development staff work one on one with applicants to develop grant proposals and funding amounts.

In 2020, 32 artists and organizations were funded its community working group and other stakeholders to evaluate and co-design the ArtShare program to better address the unique needs and contexts of equity-seeking artists, organizations, and communities.

Artist, Collective, or Organization Project Grant Amount
Action Dignity Our Canada, Our Story Part 2 and Artistic Facilitator $35,000
Adejumoke Olatunde Reverse – Short Film $6,560
Alia Aluma Womxn of Colour Art Exhibition $1,500
ANUBHAV 2021 Production $10,000
Asian Heritage Foundation Artist Liaison Contract $10,000
Asmaa Al-Issa Between Four Rivers – Workshop Pilot $4,559.23
Association of Mexicans in Calgary Migrant Rights Film Fest $5,000
Bamboo Bridge Artists Association Ink Connections – Creation of work $3,215
Black Leadership Alliance Council BLAC Youth Empowerment Program $15,000
Calgary Black Film Festival Calgary Black Film Festival $20,000
Calgary Scope Society/Basic Income YYC Basic Income YYC Arts Collective Project $6,000
Canadian Artists Against Poverty Feasibility Study – Living Water Social Enterprise $10,000
Ebony Gooden Mentorship for young black artists via Black Kid Joy Project $5,880
Ethnik Festival Ethnik Festival 2021 $35,000
University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine Indigenous Mural Project Phase 1 – Development of Advisory Committee $5,000
Immigrant Council for Arts Innovation Black History Month Activation Event $5,800
Jenny Li Research and Engagement Project $2,500
Jessica McMann Indigenous Classical Music CD Tour $10,000
Jillian Sudayan Sing With Nanay Filipino Children’s Music Videos and Educational Resources $2,500
Kadra Yusuf Research and writing for philosophy/comedy sketch $2,500
Michele Decottignies The 4 R’s Project $10,000
Migrante Alberta Association Integrated Theatre Workshop $2,800
Mini Thnî Dancers Rehearsals and Performances $10,000
Nurgul Rodriquez Del Ojo Urban Potter: Out of Place as part of the 2020 Biennial of Contemporary Art $3,500
Pink Flamingo Chinatown Mural – Engagement $30,000
Potential Place Arts Program – Pilot Project $10,000
Scholastica Makanjuola Album Recording $6,000
Senior’s Acting Lab More Than a Number Tour $5,122
Sikolohiyang Pilipino Collective Diaspora Dialogues with the Filipinx Community in Alberta: Documenting our History, Presence and Future in Alberta and Canada. $2,500
Tarrence Evans (aka DJ Stagez) Mosaic of Black Identity – Album and Music Video Creation $10,000
Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth New Tribe Magazine: Special Edition $40,000
Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre Woezo Cultural Festival and Black Arts Development Workshops $26,000

The Cultural Activation Fund emerged from City Council’s November 2018 motion with the intent to connect to economic and tourism indicators and outcomes.

In 2019, Calgary Arts Development experimented with the Cultural Activation Fund to be as adaptive and experimental as possible to learn how best to invest these funds. Learning from the first year, we focused our 2020 investments on opportunities aligned with Calgary’s Music City Strategy, Downtown Strategy, Winter Strategy, and the Creative Economy Strategy by funding 38 organizations and artists through a combination of grants and sponsorships.

Organization or Artist Opportunity Grant Amount
Business/Arts artsvest $37,500
National Music Centre Rock the Nation $33,500
cSPACE $200,000
Energy Future Labs Artists Scenario Retreat $2,500
Sally Trush Joyce Doolittle Memorial Project $5,000
Indefinite Arts Merger Support $44,000
Music Mile Friday Nights Live $26,250
Springboard Performance containR Support $14,500
GLOWyyc $35,000
Vertigo Theatre COVID Adaptation $50,000
Three Left Feet Chinook Blast Arts Grants $6,000
Exposure Photography Festival Chinook Blast Arts Grants $2,500
Stagehand/Lumin Arts Chinook Blast Arts Grants $13,500
Promoting Artists Redefining Kulture Foundation Chinook Blast Arts Grants $37,875
MAUD Chinook Blast Arts Grants $15,000
Kris Demeanor Chinook Blast Arts Grants $3,750
Curbside Concerts Chinook Blast Arts Grants $4,500
Music Mile Chinook Blast Arts Grants $4,500
Luminous Voices Chinook Blast Arts Grants $2,700
Michèle Moss Chinook Blast Arts Grants $9,000
Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society Chinook Blast Arts Grants $11,250
Quest Theatre Chinook Blast Arts Grants $7,500
Yama no Oto Chinook Blast Arts Grants $2,250
Lougheed House Chinook Blast Arts Grants $11,250
WP Puppet Theatre Chinook Blast Arts Grants $1,050
Calgary Animated Objects Society Chinook Blast Arts Grants $6,300
project projekt Chinook Blast Arts Grants $26,250
Carol Thornton Energy Futures Lab Artist $750
Heather Osborne Energy Futures Lab Artist $750
Ireke Amoji Energy Futures Lab Artist $750
Jaclyn Adomeit Energy Futures Lab Artist $750
Jason Rothery Energy Futures Lab Artist $750
Lee Cookson Energy Futures Lab Artist $750
Paulo Da Costa Energy Futures Lab Artist $750
Sarah Graham Energy Futures Lab Artist $750

The Changemaker Grant invests in artists and organizations who are using their art to make change in their community. Our Cultural Instigator Program and our Trico Changemaker partnership are funded from the program.

The intention of this program is to partner with the community to use art to create conversation and solutions to our communities most challenging problems. The grants fund both the artists as well as the projects that emerge from these initiatives.

Organization or Artist Opportunity Grant Amount
Jacqueline Aquines Anti-Rasicm Town Hall $150
Jessica McMann Anti-Rasicm Town Hall $150
Toyin Lafenwa Oladele Anti-Rasicm Town Hall $150
Trico Changemakers Studio $20,000
Adora Nwofor YYC on Purpose $10,000
Dave Kelly YYC on Purpose $10,000
Jenna Rodgers YYC on Purpose $10,000
Jacqueline Aquines Cultural Instigator Program $5,000
Priscille Bukasa Cultural Instigator Program $5,000
Kelli Rae Morningbull Cultural Instigator Program $5,000
Jamar Akeem Sterling Cultural Instigator Program $5,000
Pamela Tzeng Cultural Instigator Program $5,000
Jarret Quentin Twoyoungmen Cultural Instigator Program $5,000
Elijah Wells Cultural Instigator Program $5,000
Omatta Udalor Cultural Instigator Program $5,000
Wunmi Idowu Cultural Instigator Program $5,000
Jared Darcy Tailfeathers Cultural Instigator Program $5,000

Calgary Arts Development partnered with the Rozsa Foundation to provide one-time online programming grants to individual artists, artist collectives, and registered non-profit arts organizations.

In 2020, 29 projects were funded to a total of $151,270.73 through Calgary Arts Development’s contribution. For more information about this program, visit the Rozsa Foundation COVID-19 Programs announcement page.

Artist, Collective or Organization Type Grant Amount
Autumn Whiteway Artist $4,000
Calgary Chinese Orchestra Organization $4,440
Calgary Clown Society Collective $4,000
Calgary Underground Film Festival Organization $15,000
Casa Mexico Organization $5,000
Chromatic Theatre Organization $4,945
Cindy Calderon Artist $500
CJSW 90.9 FM Organization $15,000
Drum Beat – Richard Sparvier Collective $4,000
Exposure Photography Festival Organization $5,000
Geraldine Fuenmayor & Cecilia Barboza Collective $3,995
Greet the Day Collective Collective $4,000
Janey Luc-German Artist $4,000
Javier Vilalta Artist $4,000
Jupiter Theatre Organization $13,500
Karen Johnson-Diamond Artist $3,500
Katie Green Artist $4,000
Kunji Mark Ikeda Artist $2,750
Lindsay Bowman Artist $3,884.73
Louise Casemore Artist $4,000
Mike Czuba, Tim Nguyen & Wil Knoll Collective $4,000
Seities Studio Organization $3,700
Seniors’ Acting Lab Collective $2,451
Sharon Stevens Artist $4,000
Skye Louis Artist $1,905
The Field Work Collective Collective $4,000
Theatre BSMT Organization $4,500
THIRD ACTion Film Festival Organization $13,200
Vicki Van Chau Artist $4,000

Logos for the Rozsa Foundation's COVID-19 Programs

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