Original Peoples Investment Program

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Original Peoples Investment Program

The Original Peoples Investment Program provided one-time funding to support projects which support the preservation and revitalization of First Nation, Métis, and Inuit art.

In 2020, we received 77 applications requesting a total of $744,624.46. 44 applications were funded for a total of $399,397.89.

For information about how this program was assessed, please see the Terms of Reference for the 2020 Original Peoples Investment Program.

Artist, Collective or Organization Project Grant Amount
Adrian Stimson Arts Mohkinitsis/Siksika Connecting through
Art – The School of Badger 2020
Alanna Blackrider – Onespot Spirit (A poetry book by Alanna Bluebird) $8,500
Angel J. Aubichon Thantoka/Buffillo $10,000
Authentically Indigenous Authentically Indigenous Community Arts Gathering $7,000
BB ISKWEW – Kayla Simpson Metamorphosis $10,000
Brittney Bear Hat These Gifts: Research and Development $6,000
Bruno Canadien Sehéh łą́h kų́ę́ nádéh (My famıly) $8,500
Celestine Twigg Poos Animation Project $10,000
Chantal Chagnon Songs and Storytelling Album $10,000
Cowboy Smithx The Silent X $8,000
Curt Young and the Healers This is My Story EP Album $7,500
Danielle Kehler Who We Are $10,000
Deedra Salange Ladouceur Ghost’ Return to Mourning $10,000
Dwight Farahat Dwight Farahat’s Mini Documentary/Video Album $10,000
Glenna Cardinal Xatalini – Spring (water) $10,000
Heather Morigeau Pine Needle Weaving with Ktunaxa
Knowledge Keepers
Indigenous Resilience In Music Rhythm of the People Music & Arts Festival $7,000
Jared Tailfeathers Traditional Methods of Making:
Dog Trail (Imitáá ohtáóhsokoyi a’póóhsin) Part 2
Jarret Twoyoungmen Tibi $10,000
Jason Gordon The Missing Rose, Stage Two,
Donation Website, Marketing and Memorials
Jesse Gouchey The Ancient Static $8,000
Jessica McMann CD Recording $10,000
Kalum Teke Dan Kalum Teke Dan Artist Book $7,000
Michelle Soto Winter Gear $5,000
Midewiwin Teaching Lodge
Society of Alberta
Midewiwin (Big) Teaching Lodge $10,000
Nika Productions I Get Lonely – A Short Film $8,516.89
Ryan Jason Allen Willert nvrlnd. inaugural residency invitation $9,908
Sabrina Wozny Golden Feather Creations
Business/ Moss Bag making
Sandra Sutter Cluster Stars Song Book and Show – Parallel
Process – Honouring the Oral and Written Word
Sarah Houle ᐅᑳᐄᐧᒫᐤ okâwîmâw Mother $9,984
Seth Dodginghorse Asdaguʔagujagi (When did it happen?) $10,000
Shane Ghostkeeper Ghostkeeper Music Video Production $9,989
Soloman Chiniquay Simulacrum $5,000
Sophia Lebessis Printmaking for Treaty 7 Area Artists $7,000
Status Savage Learn-Create-Teach-Reclaim $10,000
Sweety Treaty Sweety Treaty Show & Music Production $10,000
Tania Dawn Big Plume The Breath of Old Bones $10,000
Tara Beagan Whoop Up $8,000
The Napi Collective The Napi Collective – Film Camps $10,000
Travis Miller Travis Miller – Alberta Bones $10,000
Troy Emery Twigg Aakakohtomiia: The Blackfoot Story (Working Title) $10,000
Tyson Night Hung Up $10,000
Wild Mint Arts Summer Dance Training $10,000
Zach Running Coyote Kohkum & Me $9,000

Accountability Reports and Year-End Financials

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