A photo of James Demers
James Demers | Photo: Courtesy of James Demers

James Demers

Local LGBT activist works to bridge communities to create a more equitable world

Cherie McMaster

The Executive Director of the Calgary Queer Arts Society and the lead educator of the OUTReels Diversity Education Program, James Demers has worked as a trans activist in Alberta for 11 years, bringing together a variety of organizations, corporations, and government institutions to create a more equitable world for LGBT people and their families.

“I was on my own at 15 and started working in the arts community as a volunteer and getting involved in shows almost immediately, so it has been my entire introduction to the possibilities of getting engaged with that kind of work,” he explains. “That has led to everything I have had the chance to do, so I am just very lucky.”

Tune in to learn more about what he is up to, how he got involved in the arts community, and how his work introduces conversations about inclusion and diversity.

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