A photo of Kaley Beisiegel laughing on the stairs
Kaley Beisiegel | Photo: Courtesy of Kaley Beisiegel

Kaley Beisiegel

Musician and arts manager believes in building community

Cherie McMaster

An important economic driver and part of a vibrant arts community, music can play a key role in creating a vibrant and resilient economy.

With a love for community and city building through the arts, Kaley Beisiegel is the lead consultant for West Anthem, the engagement consultant for Calgary Arts Development, and a professional musician and singer/songwriter in Calgary.

“I’ve been a musician working in Alberta for over—oh my gosh, I’m going to age myself—12 years professionally,” she says. “I’ve also always had one foot on the performance side, but also the professional, arts admin, management side of things as well. So, as much as I love performing and pursuing my own artistic practice, building community and creating opportunities for other musicians and members of my community has always been a priority for me.”

Tune in to learn more about what she is up to, where Alberta’s music scene is going, and why Calgary is poised to become a topnotch music city.

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