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Photo of Kristy North Peigan, aka Kristicles in cosplay attire.

Episode 53: Otafest Pt. 2

We continue to explore the stories behind the scenes of this year's Otafest. Meet Kristy North Peigan, aka Kristicles, a Blackfoot woman who creates amazing…Read more

Gladzy Kei poses in cosplay against a sunset landscape

Episode 52: Otafest Pt. 1

Otafest is upon us, and in this episode we explore the origins of the festival, find out what to expect and meet past attendees who…Read more

A woman wearing all black holds a red guitar onstage

Episode 51: Rock the Nation

Living a Creative Life visits Studio Bell to talk to Lisa Jacobs and Stephanie Hutchinson, who are working onstage and behind the scenes to bring…Read more