Claudia Chagoya

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Claudia Chagoya

As a new Calgarian, Claudia Chagoya is thankful for our city's artistic community

The most recent winner of the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society New Canadian Artist Award as part of the Cultural Leaders Legacy Arts Awards, Claudia Chagoya is an interdisciplinary artist whose work focuses on gender violence and the sociopolitical context in which that violence takes place. Having moved to Canada from Mexico in order to pursue a masters’ degree in fine art, Chagoya draws inspiration from her home country, using different materials and traditional items that reflect Mexican culture to explore difficult and complex issues through art.

“I love doing cultural promotion of Mexican traditions, and also talking about difficult topics and gender violence in my home country,” she says. “For my main artistic practice I use traditional textiles which are called rebozos, like a rectangular shawl that it has a lot of ties with gender and death and culture in Mexico. I use those… for different metaphors.”

Chagoya reflects on how the move from Mexico to Canada has affected her artistic practice. “The art context, the art landscape in Calgary, specifically, I think that helped me a lot in figuring out just how to do stuff here in a new context. And also the possibility of getting to know new people, get different perspectives, get that feedback — I think it’s very important just for an artist and everybody to have a community where you can express your ideas and receive that feedback.”

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