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#yycLCL Photo of the Month

#yycLCL Photo of the Month

Sonny Tomic grew up in an old, picturesque city in Croatia where he discovered that historic architecture, visual arts, music and poetry intersect in his…Read more

#yycLCL Photo of the Month

Artist Greg Tomkins uses soapstone as a medium to create beautiful carvings inspired by looking at the beauty of the natural world from a new…Read more

#yycLCL Photo of the Month

Calgary's busiest stage arts documentarian shares captivating images from the 2022-2023 theatre season, capturing the grandeur of live performances.Read more

#yycLCL Photo of the Month

Scott Clark's illustration, one in a series inspired by Gertrude Stein, marked the very first time he was able to openly create art with an…Read more

#yycLCL Photo of the Month

Artist Mae Logullo's in-progress painting, The sacred things, captures childhood nostalgia through the familiar traditional Chinese tea cups and dinner bowls, bringing back memories of…Read more

Image of watercolour painting of Banff Avenue by Linnea Martina

#yycLCL March 2023

Linnea Martina's watercolour painting of the iconic Banff Avenue captures the breathtaking streetscape and its picturesque backdrop during the stillness of an evening snowfall.Read more

A collage of three photos showing progress of an indoor mural over time

yycLCL February 2023

Doug Driediger of Metrographics is working on a major exhibit renewal currently underway for the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre, with 10-foot high murals that will…Read more

Image of a group of soapstone cast quails

#yycLCL January 2023

Moe Bader is a local visual artist exploring a broad range of styles and mediums including watercolour, acrylic painting and most recently soapstone sculpting and…Read more

An image of mushroom by Julya Hajnoczky

#yycLCL December 2022

Artist Julya Hajnoczky documents the ecosystem, providing a glimpse of the things that live and grow together, especially the tiny things that often go unnoticed,…Read more