Signatory Spotlight

Calgary International Film Festival audience

Film Festival Joy

Calgary International Film Festival Artistic Director Brian Owens shares how he fell in love with film festivals and community.Read more

Karl Hirzer

When 26-year-old Karl Hirzer took to the stage this September, audiences got their first look at the orchestra’s new resident conductor.Read more

Eyes on the Ave

If you’ve recently traveled along 17th Avenue you might have had a feeling of being watched as community portraits pop up in Forest Lawn.Read more

$100 Film Fest

Calgary’s oldest film festival gears up to celebrate 25 years of celluloid and you are invited to take part—submit now to be part of this…Read more

Artstrek 2016

Alabanza, alabanza. Sung strong and proud, those few powerful words echoed the end of a life changing experience for a group of Alberta teens this…Read more

National Music Centre

The first official sound was an Indigenous drum beat. Booming and resonating within the gleaming walls, the welcoming sound was much like a heartbeat.Read more