Ethnik Festivals Association

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Ethnik Festivals Association

At Ethnik Festivals Association, we use artistic and cultural mediums to create moments, memories and shared experiences through the lens of Afro-Canadian artistic traditions. We believe that art is a journey into the minds of other peoples and cultures and a gift that translates visions of the heart into reality.

We seek to share these gifts by creating dynamic cultural spaces and learning platforms to celebrate diversity and inclusivity. Ethnik Festivals Association believes that sharing the gift of art can create an appreciation of cultural differences to promote unity and peaceful co-existence.

Our activities creates opportunities for our contributors by showcasing their rich cultural heritage and empowering individuals to be expressive in genuine ways. We strive to create cultural cohabitation and harmonious living through the arts.

Our focus as an organization is based on these three steps of community engagement and impact:

  • Youth/ Adult Art Education and Empowerment
  • Artist Development – Training and Research
  • Individual and Community Cultural Celebrations

Number one is our Education and Empowerment Program. We call Ethnik Learning and Empowerment Program (ELEP).

Our mission in designing the Ethnik Learning and Empowerment Program is to use art as a means of creatively engaging the minds of our diverse student base. We do this by offering both art instruction and art therapy courses that go beyond the four walls of the classroom. We are pushing the boundaries of creative art instruction with the infusion of movement and mindfulness practice.

Our extensive specialty course offerings are consciously curated to enhance our students’ mental health and overall well-being through art forms such as: painting for beginners, bead making & painting, bubble painting, tile painting, dirty cup pouring, craftworks, piñata maiking, croquis drawing, anatomy stenciling, air brush bainting, makeup artistry, poetry, dance, music, photography, fundamentals of fashion design, team bonding, introduction to film making and script writing, etc.

Secondly, we dedicate our time and efforts to artists training, development and research with a focus on supporting and promoting their creative works from our platforms. Our artists help in the building of communities with their creative abilities. They are essential members of any society creating and making beautiful memories for all to enjoy.

Lastly, we love our communities and we believe in our celebrations. We celebrate creative endeavours as well as our collective cultural celebrations from time to time. Annually we do a Black History Month event called Ethnik Festivals of Arts and Culture. This is a platform for the celebration of Afro-Canadian members of our society along with our other Canadian brothers and sisters.

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